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  1. Android News

    Latest Google WiFi and OnHub update adds support for IPv6 and more

    Google just started rolling out a new firmware update for Google WiFi and their OnHub devices that bring their versions up to 9460.40.5 and come with the following changes. . . - IPv6: You can now enable Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on Google Wifi - Family Wi-Fi: Warning appears when...
  2. Android News

    Today Only: ASUS OnHub router is $99 at Best Buy

    Best Buy has the ASUS OnHub router at a steep discount. The router goes for $99.99, down from its usual $190. The catch is that this deal only lasts through the end of January 25th, 2017.
  3. Android News

    Google WiFi launches today for $129

    Google WiFi officially launches today and marks Google's second attempt at creating a home router after OnHub launched last year. Currently, there's a $299 3-pack available for coating your home in a mesh network or you can purchase a single device for $129. Those already using OnHub will be...
  4. Android News

    Google confirms that OnHub will work with Google WiFi's mesh networks

    Some were wondering if Google was abandoning OnHub and whether or not it would be able to connect to the Google WiFi network. A Google support document has confirmed that they will connect to each other and they will use the same Google On application to manage the network.
  5. Android News

    Google announces Philips Hue integration for their OnHub routers

    Google has just celebrated the 1st birthday of their powerful OnHub wireless router. Along with this celebration, the company has announced you can now control your Philips Hue lights directly from the browser.
  6. Android News

    OnHub gets smart features with IFTTT support

    OnHub's latest update makes it possible to control your smart home and other things thanks to its new IFTTT integration. IFTTT -- short for If This, Then That - is a service that helps you automatically perform actions based on conditions. If something happens, do this. The update also makes...
  7. Android News

    DEAL: Best Buy is promoting Google products with discounts and gift cards

    Best Buy's online website has a trio of discounts that could entice you to purchase a phone, an Android TV box or a new wireless router. Firstly, Best Buy has the 32GB and 64GB Nexus 6P in Gold at a $50 discount, plus you can get a $25 gift card on top of that...
  8. Android News

    Google's OnHub routers are getting guest mode, device renaming

    Google's OnHub WiFi routers are getting an important update today. The biggest change is the addition of guest mode, something that'll make it easier for guests to connect to your WiFi network without having to punch in troublesome passwords. Furthermore, you can now name devices that are on...
  9. Android News

    Google now offers shells for OnHub wireless router, helps you how to make your own

    Google is now offering a new set of shells for their OnHub wireless router on the Google Store. Priced between $29 and $39, these shells change up the look of the router so it will better match your decor. They are even providing a downloadable Maker Packet for 3D files, 2D patterns, and useful...
  10. Rob

    Access is Google's patchwork of companies that aim to revolutionize media

    Google has many lofty goals to bring better Internet access to the entire world (Project Fiber, OnHub, etc) and we're now learning these initiatives fall under a division of Google named "Access". The unit is a mishmash of companies whose primary fields include Internet access, energy...
  11. Android News

    Google's OnHub Router Receives its First OTA Update

    The OnHub router has quickly become an interesting novelty in the sometimes stoic home networking segment thanks to its forward-looking hardware and user-focused software. And Google isn't letting up on the latter. The router is already receiving its first software update, about three months...
  12. Android News

    Google Announces a 2nd OnHub Router

    Google introduced its OnHub router this summer, promising that it would be just the first in a series of routers designed to be easier to set up and use. The main new feature here is something called Wave Control -- apparently you can wave your hand over the top of the OnHub to boost the speed...
  13. Android News

    Android Central: Here's what the Asus OnHub router will look like

    We know Google is working with ASUS on bringing a second OnHub router, but haven't heard any details about it to date. Android Central has the first images of their version, though.