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open whisper systems

  1. Android News

    New Signal update changes the way safety numbers work

    Open Whisper Systems have rolled out a new update to their Signal beta application that attempts to make safety numbers more secure. So if you receive a message in a conversation with a new safety number, a notification will appear telling you about the new number.
  2. Android News

    Latest Signal update lets you send arbitrary file types

    Open Whisper Systems has just announced a new update to their Signal messaging application that lets you send arbitrary file types.
  3. Android News

    Latest update to Signal lets you add doodles and stickers to messages

    Open Whisper Systems have just announced a new update for their Android version of Signal. The update adds doodles and stickers to messages, and also includes a way to circumvent censorship for select countries.
  4. Android News

    Signal makes encryption verification easier

    Encrypted messaging app Signal is getting an update to make encryption verification easier. The company is streamlining the process to exclude phone numbers and make only one scan of a QR code necessary. The verification feature is used to let users ensure each other that the conversation...
  5. Android News

    Signal receives an update that brings support for disappearing messages

    Signal is a popular messaging application that just received a new update. The update brings the ability to make a message disappear after a certain amount of time (between 5 seconds and a week).
  6. Android News

    Google partnered with Open Whipser Systems for end-to-end encryption in their new messaging app

    You may have heard of Open Whisper Systems before as they're not only the developer behind the app Signal, but their encryption is also what WhatsApp is using for their messaging platform. The company announced today that they have partnered with Google to implement their encryption technology...
  7. Android News

    Open Whisper Systems makes its Signal Desktop beta program available to all

    Signal is a mobile app, similar to iMessage, but is cross platform. The company behind the app had launched a closed beta program for its desktop client so they could test the platform. Open Whisper Systems has now announced that the Signal Desktop beta is now open to the public.
  8. Android News

    Secure Messaging App, Signal, is Now Available for Android

    Open Whisper Systems, the team behind the likes of Redphone and TextSecure, has released a new secure messaging app for Android. Called Signal, the app has finally made the jump to Android after being available for iOS for a number of months.