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  1. Android News

    Opera makes it easier to switch online videos between browsers and VR headsets

    While Google's Chrome team has been busy working on VR web browsing, Opera decided to focus on solving one particular pain point: switching online videos between desktop browsers and VR headsets.
  2. Android News

    Opera completely removes Opera Max from the Play Store

    Opera is suddenly and abruptly killing off its Opera Max app. Opera Max was a free VPN service that aimed to compress data before it got to your device in order to lower data usage. Unfortunately, it is now no more.
  3. Android News

    Opera announces a new update to Opera Max that comes with a new UI and more

    Opera Max has been updated to version 3.0 and with it comes a refreshed user interface. This update also adds in some data saving tips as well as a few Facebook tools.
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    Some versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera can trick you into thinking a website is apple.com

    While this is fixed in Chrome version 58, it has been discovered that some web browsers will display the domain https://www.xn--80ak6aa92e.com/ as https://www.apple.com. This works because Punycode makes it possible to register domains with foreign characters and this is what is tricking web...
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    Opera Max now offers a "VIP Mode" if you are okay with lock-screen ads

    The latest update to Opera Max offers a 'VIP Mode' which gives users unlimited VPN usage in exchange for seeing ads when your device is charging.
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    Opera Max now asks users to turn it on every 12 hours

    A new update to Opera Max now will pester users to re-enable its VPN servers every 12 hours. If you run out of time using Opera Max, you will be able to gain time by watching advertisements.
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    Opera Max gets increased privacy improvements in latest update

    Opera Max is getting some nice changes for the piracy-concerned today. The browser gains the ability to block ad trackers, encrypt information being transmitted while on public WiFi networks, and gives you real-time privacy alerts.
  8. Android News

    Opera has redesigned their Android browser in the latest update

    Opera has just announced a new update to their Opera for Android application that gives it a design makeover. Nothing else has changed, as far as features go. The UI and UX are just refreshed and redesigned.
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    Opera suffers server breach which may leave user data compromsed

    Opera fell victim to a server breach which affected 1.7 million people last month. This affects users who use Opera's sync system and data including passwords and account information was compromised.
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    Opera releases a VPN application for your smartphone

    After rolling out the VPN service through its desktop browser and iOS, Opera has set its sights on Android after releasing an app named "Opera Free VPN". The app is free on the Play Store and gets you all the VPN options you would expect.
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    Latest Opera Mini update lets you download videos from Facebook and Instagram for offline viewing

    Opera has just announced a new update to their mobile web browser, Opera Mini. The update brings the ability to download videos from either Facebook or Instagram (sadly YouTube is not supported) so that you can watch it later when you're not online.
  12. Android News

    The $1.2 billion deal by Chinese consortium to buy Opera gets diluted to meet regulatory approval

    While Opera approved the $1.2 billion buyout offer from a Chinese consortium, the deal failed to gain Chinese and US regulatory approval. Instead, Opera has agreed to sell its mobile and desktop browsers for $600 million. The deal is expected to close by the end of Q3.
  13. Android News

    Opera asks people in the US to test its new browser concept "News & Search"

    Opera is known for their web browser on a number of platforms, and today the company has just launched a new browser concept. For now, it's only available for beta testing to those living in the United States, and the whole goal is to deliver you a "personalized newsfeed based on your interests...
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    Opera shareholders accept $1.2 billion buyout offer from Golden Brick

    Shareholders of Opera Software have accepted a $1.2 billion buyout offer from Golden Brick. The Chinese company has not divulged its plans for Opera, but the mobile browser will likely see increased adoption in China once the buyout is complete.
  15. Android News

    Opera Max 2.0 enters Google Play under a new listing with "Data Booster" feature

    Opera has made yet another new listing for their Opera Max browser for Android. This listing is for version 2.0, which would be the latest version we know of to date. The app curiously includes a new Data Booster feature, however Opera hasn't yet detailed how that feature works. The feature...
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    Opera releases ad-blocking for its mobile browser

    Developers have been able to use Opera's built-in ad-blocking feature for a while, but the company has just released an update for its desktop on mobile browser which makes the feature available to everyone. While the ethics of using ad-blockers is still questionable, Opera claims that the...
  17. Android News

    Opera Max Gets Optimized For Android Tablets

    Opera Max isn't a browser, but it utilizes the company's well known data compression prowess to save you a lot of bandwidth and megabytes, regardless of the app you're using to sip through your data. Previously, Opera Max was only available for phones, but the company has just pushed an update...
  18. Android News

    Opera Mini update cuts down on data usage and video buffering

    While unlimited data plans are quite common these days, there's no guarantee that your download speeds are fast. The new Opera Mini update hopes to help your web browsing by compressing videos before they get to you. This will reducing buffering and overall data usage. The browser also...
  19. Android News

    Opera beta introduces a new tab switcher and support for the Physical Web

    Opera has released a new beta version of their web browser for Android. The update brings an improved tab switcher user interface. It also builds in support for the Physical Web, which allows you to access controls for IoT devices in simple web-based user interfaces.
  20. Android News

    Opera Max update alerts you when an unused app is using your data

    Opera Max -- an app that helps you keep tabs on your data usage -- has been updated to gain Smart Alerts. This feature monitors data usage coming from apps you don't often use, so if you suspect an app is doing too much in the background it'll be a bit easier to track it down.
  21. Android News

    Opera receives $1.2 billion buyout offer from Chinese consortium

    Kunlun and Qihoo 360 have jointly bid $1.2 billion to buy all outstanding shared of Opera. Opera's board of directors is unanimously in favor of the bid, but the decision to sell the company will need to be approved with a shareholder vote.
  22. Android News

    Opera launches a "Netflix-style" subscription service for premium Android apps

    The Opera Apps Club is what the subscription service is being called and it is geared for countries will low credit card penetration. The service can be paid via carrier billing and today it is being launched in 19 countries with 34 wireless carriers on board.
  23. Android News

    Opera Max update provides faster and more secure web browsing on your Android phone

    The latest update to Opera Max is out, tunneling your the browser's data through a SPDY SSL connection which hides your information behind a proxy when on an open WiFi connection.
  24. Android News

    Opera Mini update brings improved language support and a download manager

    Opera Mini has gotten itself a decent upgrade over at Google Play. Notable features include support for new languages (now over 90), a proper download manager, and a QR code generator for sharing links with friends.
  25. Android News

    Opera Max update can save up to 50% bandwidth when streaming music

    Opera has announced a big update to Opera Max that brings their data optimization technology to audio. The browser can compress audio files from HTML-driven audio playback by compressing it to more efficient file formats on the fly. This is said to bring up to a 50% reduction in bandwidth usage...