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    Oracle vs. Google revived due to successful Oracle appeal

    The fight between Oracle and Google has been going on for years, and now there's been a development, according to Bloomberg. The US Court of Appeals found that Google violated Oracle's copyrights through its use of Java code in the Android operating system. The case is now going back to a...
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    Oracle files for yet another appeal in their lawsuit against Google over Java

    Oracle simply will not let the lawsuit against Google die as they have filed for another appeal in their case. The company wants to take Google back to trial since they feel their actual case against fair use was far stronger.
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    Oracle has filed for an appeal for its “fair use” loss against Google

    Oracle recently lost a trial against Google who claimed the way they used Java's APIs was not considered fair use. Naturally, Oracle has appealed this case, so we'll have to see if their appeal is accepted or not.
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    Oracle claims Google didn't say anything about bringing Android apps to desktops and laptops

    Oracle is looking for a new straw to pull in their fight against Google. The company says Google never mentioned to Oracle any plans to port Android apps to laptops and desktops via Chrome OS. Google says they did, and even supplied information about the Android Runtime for Chrome component...
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    Oracle says they presented confidential Google information in accordance with the law

    Google requested to file sanctions on an Oracle attorney who disclosed confidential information regarding deals Google had with companies like Apple. Oracle is now fighting back, saying that their attorney presented the information in accordance with the court laws and as guided by the...
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    Google says Oracle should pay additional fees for disclosing Android's revenue and profit figures

    Google and Oracle just finished their court battles a couple of months ago, and while there still could be an appeal, Google says Oracle owes them more money. Google had shared some information about Android's profit figures with Oracle and this was meant to be kept confidential. So in...
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    After defeating Oracle, Google wants Oracle to pay $3.9 billion for its court costs

    The Oracle v Google court case didn't go so well for Oracle. After losing the case in late May, the company may now be on the hook to pay Google's court costs which add up to $3.9 billion. On top of that, Google has also filed for sanctions against the law firm which represented Oracle since...
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    Jury says Google's use of Java APIs were fair use, Oracle loses on all counts of the trial

    It's been decided by the jury that Google's use of the Java APIs for Android was indeed Fair Use just like Google claimed. The jury sided with Google on all counts, but we can assume that Oracle will file for an appeal very soon.
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    Jury has trouble reviewing evidence in the Oracle vs Google trial

    Now that the questioning part of the trial is done, it's time for the jury to review the evidence and make a decision based on all of the information they were given. Oddly enough, when the jury tried to look through the Android source code, they were unable to get the PC to open up the large...
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    Google says Oracle took none of the risk, but wants all of the credit

    Today was a chance for Google to make their closing statement when it came to the Oracle/Java lawsuit. Google tells the jury that they built Android from the ground up and then goes on to say "Oracle took none of the risk, but wants all the credit, and a lot of the money."
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    Alphabet CEO Larry Page is the latest to take the stand in the Oracle vs Google case

    The Oracle and Google lawsuit is still going on even though Google is hosting their own developer conference right now. The latest person to take the stand is Alphabet CEO Larry Page. Larry says they never considered licensing Java APIs because they were "free and open."
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    Android developer is back on the stand, explains questions about “scrubbed” source code

    Saturday, there was a report about Dan Borstein's first day of questioning during the Google vs Oracle trial. He was scheduled to come back on Monday and he recently finished his time on the stand. Oracle's questions to Borstein pertained to what they were calling "scrubbed" source code of...
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    Top programmer describes Android’s nuts and bolts in Oracle v. Google

    Dan Bornstein, a former developer at Google, was brought to the stand during the Oracle and Google trial. At the trial, he was asked how Android developers attempted to use lines of code that were not licensed by any other company. Bornstein returns to the stand Monday, where the case between...
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    Andy Rubin is the latest to take the stand during the Google/Oracle trial

    Google’s former Android chief joined in on the Oracle vs Google lawsuit today to talk about how he felt about the Java API debacle. It's reported that Oracle's lawyer was the most aggressive with Rubin as she cross-examined him for 4 hours. It seems Oracle is trying to find evidence that there...
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    Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz says Java was free and Android had no licensing issues

    Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz is now on the stand today at the Google/Oracle trial and he's saying there wasn't any problems with Google using Java for Android.
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    Eric Schmidt said Sun didn't think Google was doing anything wrong for using their APIs in Android

    Google and Oracle are in court today and Google's own Eric Schmidt was asked to take the stand. He told the court that Google used the parts of Java that they felt didn't need to be licensed since it was open source. He went on to explained that at no point did anyone from Sun think Google was...
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    Developers could face issues depending upon outcome of Oracle v. Google part 2

    Depending upon what happens in the second trial between Oracle and Google, developers could run into issues when trying to have their applications join up with the API's for different services.
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    Oracle and Google head into retrial over Java in Android

    Oracle and Google have been battling it out in the courts since 2012, when Oracle claimed that Google illegally infringed on copyrights with Java in the development of Android. The next phase will be for a court to hear the case in May since an agreement couldn’t be made between the two...
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    Oracle wants Google to pay $9.3B for its use of Java in Android

    Oracle is taking Google back to court, in hopes to convince a jury that Google owes it $9.3 billion for using Java in Android without a proper license. While the case has been heard in court before, a jury delivered a split decision on the issue. We expect this case to play out for at least a...
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    Judge accuses Google and Oracle for rigging the jury

    Google and Oracle have been having legal discrepancies over the APIs of Java for a while now and now they're set to have a jury trial in May of this year. US District Judge William Alsup says that both Google and Oracle are setting up the jury to fail. Meaning, that whatever the jury decides...
  21. Android News

    Oracle claims that Android has generated $31 billion in revenue for Google

    Thanks to the ongoing court case between Google and Oracle, a report quoting an Oracle lawyer says that Android has brought in $31 billion dollars in revenue for the Mountain View tech giant. Not only that, but they also claim that $22 billion of that money was pure profit.
  22. Android News

    Google will switch to OpenJDK for Java APIs in Android N

    It has been revealed that Google is ditching Oracle's standard Java APIs for Android development, and will instead look to use OpenJDK, an open source alternative that they have been helping to build. Google says the move is all about embracing the open source nature of Android, but it's likely...
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    Next Release of Android Will Not Use Oracle's Proprietary Java APIs

    It looks like Google is moving Android away from Oracle's Java APIs and will transition to OpenJDK for the next version of Android. This could lead to applications being broken until they are re-written if they were dependent on those proprietary APIs.