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    Pandora doubles down on podcasts

    Pandora is developing what they call "The Podcast Genome Project" to help map listener habits/preferences and recommend and surface great suggested content.
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    Pandora for Android TV gets support for premium subscriptions and more

    Pandora on Android TV recently got an update to work properly with Pandora premium subscriptions, in addition to working with Google Assistant.
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    Pandora offers limited access to premium music streaming for watching ads

    In a bid to entice as many of these users as possible to become high-paying customers, Pandora is today introducing a new type of ad-supported music playing experience. Instead of just getting access to radio stations built around favorite songs, artists and genres, you can now sample Pandora...
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    Google Play Music seems to use mroe data than other streaming services

    After doing a comparison between Google Play Music and Pandora, Google's aggressive song caching seems to make the app use more data.
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    Pandora's on-demand music service now features curated playlists

    Pandora has added 250 different curated playlists for its Pandora Premium on-demand music service.
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    Pandora is shutting down in both New Zealand and Australia

    Pandora was largely a US-only company but they did previously launch in both New Zealand as well as Australia. However, it's now being reported that its co-founder and CEO Tim Westergren is stepping down and becoming a US-only company.
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    SiriusXM invests in Pandora to get into on-demand music streaming

    SiriusXM has invested $480 million in Pandora to get in on the music streaming business.
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    Pandora AutoPlay spins a custom mix when a playlist ends

    Pandora is borrowing a feature from Rdio, which it purchased back in 2015. Now for Pandora Premium users, after you finish listening to an album or a custom playlist, Pandora will keep playing by generating a new list of songs based on your listening habits.
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    PayPal sues Pandora over confusing logo similarities

    PayPal has sued Pandora for its new logo design, which it says is too similar to PayPal's logo. PayPal collected social media feedback from hundreds of users complaining about the similarity to convince Pandora to change their logo privately, but have resorted to a lawsuit since Pandora refused...
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    Pandora says they'll sell Ticketfly if they can't find a buyer

    Pandora is said to be looking for a company to buy them out, but if they can't do that then they will sell off their Ticketfly division and focus solely on streaming.
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    Pandora says they're open to potential strategic alternatives

    Last year, it was reported that Pandora was looking for a buyer but the company's official response said that wasn't true. Now, they have come out with an official statement which says they are open to "potential strategic alternatives" for the next month.
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    Pandora opens up on-demand streaming service to anyone

    Pandora has shed its invite-only tag for its $9.99 music streaming service. You can sign up to listen to tunes on-demand, and using Pandora's discovery algorithms you can find music that matches your taste with little effort.
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    Pandora Premium has started to roll out to more users

    Pandora Premium has been released for some users, provided that you sign up for an invitation. The service is priced at $10 per month and allows you to select your favorite songs, versus just listening to radio stations.
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    Some of Prince's earlier albums are now available to stream via Spotify or Google Play Music

    A few of Prince's early albums are now available to stream via your favorite music streaming services. These include Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, and more.
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    Pandora cuts its workforce by 7 percent

    Pandora has reduced its US workforce by about 7% in an effort to "beat the guidance it set" for the end 2016.
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    Pandora Premium is the company's Spotify competitor service

    We've seen reports about Pandora wanting to launch a subscription based music streaming service for a long time now. Today, the company unveiled Pandora Premium, but an official subscription price has yet to be revealed.
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    Pandora may look to on-demand music in the future

    Pandora has decided to rebrand itself in an effort to move away from the old logo that has been the same for years. Along with the rebranding, the new Plus subscription is now available and its on-demand music service is due to be released later this year.
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    Pandora announces Pandora Plus for $5 per month

    Pandora has officially revealed Pandora Plus. This $5 per month option will replace Pandora One. Alongside the ad-free listening from the previous version, Pandora Plus brings unlimited song skips and the ability to listen to music stations while offline.
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    Amazon and Pandora may test $5 music streaming plans

    A new report suggests both Pandora and Amazon will test new streaming music plans soon. The plans are both expected to come in at $5 per month. This is notable because most online music plans have been $10 per month for years.
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    Pandora is reportedly launching their new music streaming plans in September

    The Wall Street Journal says they have the inside scoop on Pandora's new music streaming subscriptions. If true, they're telling us that it could be launched as early as September of this year with a free tier, we well as two paid options.
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    Uber brings ad-free Pandora to drivers

    Uber and Pandora have teamed up for an interesting partnership. Drivers will be able to enjoy ad-free Pandora radio stations while they drive their customers around. The partnership will eventually expand to allow riders to control Pandora music in the car much in the same way they can control...
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    Another report says Amazon is working on a music streaming service

    All the way back in January of this year, the New York Post ran an article that claimed Amazon was working on an standalone music streaming service that would compete with the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. Another report about this story has popped up today from CNBC that cites...
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    Pandora CEO says they aren't looking to be acquired, but plans to offer a cheaper priced plan

    It's been known that Pandora has been losing subscriptions thanks to the increase in competition from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music All Access, etc. This has spawned rumors about the company looking for a buyer. The CEO of Pandora was recently interviewed by Glassnote Entertainment...
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    Pandora founder takes over as CEO

    Pandora's board of directors has appointed Tim Westergren as CEO. The special thing about Westergren is he founded Pandora (with two co-founders) back in 1999. This move is part of a big shake-up at Pandora. The board hopes that these changes will accelerate growth.
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    Pandora receives a server-side update that completely redesigns the UI

    Multiple users are reporting that Pandora's Android application has received a massive design update that happened automatically. You won't have to manually update the application from the Play Store, but it also means that you have no control over when you'll get the update. Not everyone is...