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  1. Android News

    Samsung Pay now supports PayPal

    Awhile back Samsung promised it would bring PayPal support to Samsung Pay: that support has finally arrived.
  2. Android News

    eBay will soon replace PayPal as its main payment option

    eBay has decided to offer an integrated payment system built by Amsterdam-based company Adyen. The move will give way to a more seamless payment experience. The company aims to get all of its customers the new option by 2021, with PayPal still having an agreement through 2023.
  3. Android News

    PayPal’s Venmo service now does instant transfers for 25 cents

    Unlike direct-to-bank transfers which can take anywhere from one to three business days depending on time of deposit and are free, debit card transfers over Paypal's Venmo will only take minutes most times of the week and will cost 25 cents apiece. Users will need to have an eligible Mastercard...
  4. Android News

    PayPal will help save money with the Acorns app

    PayPal has teamed up with Acorns to allow you to save extra money directly from your PayPal balance.
  5. Android News

    PayPal launches "Money Pools" to collect money from groups of people

    PayPal has launched a new crowdfunding-type service called "Money Pools," which enables users to set a fundraising goal, and share a page describing the nature of the fundraiser with friends. PayPal suggests using money pools for group gifts, planning trips, special events like baby showers, or...
  6. Android News

    You can now send money in Facebook Messenger using PayPal

    You've been able to send money in Facebook Messenger for a while now by linking a debit card, but now you can use your PayPal balance to pay back your friends.
  7. Android News

    You can now instantly transfer your PayPal balance to your bank account

    The mobile PayPal application now let's you transfer money to your bank account instantly, versus being forced to wait a day for processing.
  8. Android News

    Venmo adds support for QR codes

    Finding your friends on Venmo will be a lot easier now thanks to the app supporting QR codes.
  9. Android News

    Skype gains Send Money functionality for PayPal transfers

    PayPal just made it easier for IM and video chat addicts to exchange money on mobile devices with direct Skype Android and iOS app integration.
  10. Android News

    Samsung Pay Announces Partnership to Allow Users to Pay via PayPal

    Big news for Samsung Pay customers in the United States: you can now pay for goods both online and in brick-and-mortar stores using your PayPal Balance.
  11. Android News

    Venmo is currently testing out physical debit cards

    Venmo is currently testing its own version of a physical debit card which would allow users to make purchases in "brick-and-mortar stores" using money in their accounts.
  12. Android News

    If you want to pay a fee, PayPal will instantly transfer money to your bank account

    Most of the time a bank transfer takes time and PayPal has typically done this in about 2-3 business days. However, if you need an 'instant' transfer then PayPal will take care of that for you if you're willing to pay a small 25 cent fee.
  13. Android News

    Another PayPal update adds support for Xoom in 62 countries

    PayPal just rolled out a new update that added support for Android Pay, but now there's a new update rolling out. This new update adds support for sending and receiving money with Xoom in 62 countries.
  14. Android News

    PayPal sues Pandora over confusing logo similarities

    PayPal has sued Pandora for its new logo design, which it says is too similar to PayPal's logo. PayPal collected social media feedback from hundreds of users complaining about the similarity to convince Pandora to change their logo privately, but have resorted to a lawsuit since Pandora refused...
  15. Android News

    Latest PayPal update adds support for Android Pay integration

    Last month we saw Android Pay add support for PayPal, and now PayPal is adding integration for Android Pay into their application. Once updated, you'll find Android Pay as an option and can then continue to set things up.
  16. Android News

    PayPal announces they are adding Venmo as a payment option

    If you use Venmo, then you'll be happy to hear that it will be an option when checking out with PayPal. These transactions will even be covered by PayPal's seller protections too, and will be made available on mobile first.
  17. Android News

    A new update to the Wells Fargo app to add support for PayPal NFC payments

    Similarly to how you'll be able to connect your PayPal account to Android Pay for NFC payments, Wells Fargo has announced they're partnering with PayPal to offer a similar feature.
  18. Android News

    Android Pay now supports Paypal

    Google has announced a partnership with Paypal to make it an option for Android Pay users. Linking your Paypal account will allow you to pay for goods at any Android Pay-supported store with your Paypal funds.
  19. Android News

    Slack now has a PayPal bot that makes it easy to send money

    Slack has a number of bots that you can add to your team and PayPal is the latest to join the club. Once setup, the person just has to use the command "/PayPal send $5 to (insert username here)" and the money will be sent.
  20. Android News

    The new PayPal Here app update includes the ability to authenticate with your fingerprint

    The latest update to the PayPal Here application allows you to use your built-in fingerprint scanner for increased security.
  21. Android News

    Latest Android Pay v1.13 update hints at support for PayPal cards and more

    Google has just rolled out a new update for Android Pay that brings it up to version 1.13. In an APK teardown of this update, we can see that Google may add support for PayPal cards soon, and they could enable payments with Visa Checkout too.
  22. Android News

    You can now add money to your PayPal account at 7-Eleven stores

    If your PayPal balance is running low and you don't have a bank account to transfer money to it, you can now stop by a 7-Eleven store and hand over some cash and they will put it directly into your account. The service costs $3.95 every time you use it. Deposits are limited to $500 per day and...
  23. Android News

    PayPal Business is a new application for small businesses

    The team behind PayPal have just released a new application aimed at small business owners. The app handles things like account and invoice management, tracking payments, transferring money, sending reminders and more.
  24. Android News

    Facebook Messenger is getting PayPal integration in the US

    A limited number of Facebook Messenger users in the US will soon be able to send and receive money within the app through PayPal. Facebook and PayPal will eventually release the functionality to all Facebook Messenger users within the US, but there's no indication that the feature will be...
  25. Android News

    Swappa now supports PayPal Credit, will add a Chromebook category soon

    Swappa has just added support for PayPal Credit. So if the phone you're buying on Swappa costs more than $100, then you 6 months to pay off the purchase before you get charged interest (when you use PayPal Credit). They also say to look for a new Chromebook category in the near future too.