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  1. Android News

    Galaxy S8 Peel Case review states they are great if you don't need protection

    First impressions of the Peel cases for the Galaxy S8 says that they slide on and fit like a glove but don't offer hardly any protection.
  2. Android News

    A look at Peel's paper-thin Pixel cases

    Phandroid is taking a look at Peel's Pixel cases in their latest accessory review. The cases are thin and add moderate protection, the perfect combination for those who don't want to add too much bulk to their pixel while also being able to change its look up a bit.
  3. Android News

    Peel starts showing weird lock screen overlays

    Peel has started showing a lock screen overlay and full-screen ads in its app. The changes have upset many users as Peel seemingly only allows you to disable these by paying.
  4. Android News

    Xiaomi's Mi Remote app gets a Peel extension

    Xiaomi's Mi Remote app lets you control your TVs and cable boxes with your infrared-enabled phone. The app has gotten a Peel extension that will bring a TV guide to go along with its core functionality.