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  1. Android News

    Periscope's Super Hearts service now available outside the US

    Periscope's Super Hearts are a way for the audience to tip a Periscope streamer, but when the service first launched it was only available in the United States. Today, the company announced it is expanding to Canada, Ireland, and the UK.
  2. Android News

    Latest Periscope update lets you buy virtual Super Hearts via in-app purchase

    Periscope has a feature that lets the audience send hearts to the content creator but now they're taking it to another level. The latest update lets you purchase "Super Hearts" ranging from $0.99 for 1,050 to $99.99 for 132,650 that you can send to your favorite creator.
  3. Android News

    Periscope opens 360-degree broadcasts to everyone

    Periscope has announced that anyone can create a 360-degree video after initially being available to a select number of users. However, in order to be able to broadcast, you'll need Ricoh Theta S or Orah 4i.
  4. Android News

    Periscope livestreams can now play inside Twitter Moments

    Twitter Moments can now display Periscope streams. This removes the need to click a link and take you away from the Moment.
  5. Android News

    Twitter opens up the Periscope API so 3rd-party apps can control your broadcasts

    Twitter has been pretty strict with their Periscope feature since launch but today they announced the API is now available for 3rd-party applications to take advantage of.
  6. Android News

    Latest Periscope update adds support for Nougat's multi-window mode

    Twitter may have folded the core components of Periscope into the Twitter application, but they're continuing to build onto the app. Today, the company has pushed out a new update that will let you use it while you're viewing something else in Android's multi-window mode.
  7. Android News

    Twitter lets you live stream right from their app

    Twitter's latest update makes it possible to begin a live stream within the app instead of being kicked out to Periscope. The entire streaming experience remains inside the Twitter app, though it is still "powered by Periscope."
  8. Android News

    Periscope gets app shortcuts for Android 7.1 in its latest update

    Periscope has been updated to version 1.8.1 which adds app shortcuts for Android 7.1 devices as well as new options while broadcasting. These options allow users to ask viewers to either follow them or share the broadcast.
  9. Android News

    The Periscope website will now organize live videos into channels

    The developers at Periscope have just announced a new update to their website. They want to make it easier for viewers to find content they're looking for and will now categorize livestreams into channels.
  10. Android News

    Twitter announces the Periscope VIP program

    In an attempt to show appreciation to popular Periscope streamers, Twitter hast just announced a new program that allows them to earn rewards. Rewards are broken up into 3 tiers, and include things like badges, access to "future discovery products," and a way to directly contact the Periscope team.
  11. Android News

    Twitter adds a new notification option so you know when someone start livestreaming

    Twitter is giving their Periscope service a little attention this week with a new notification option specifically for live streaming. You'll find this new button right next to the follow button, where you can choose to be notified about all tweets from an account, or just tweets with live video.
  12. Android News

    You can now embed Periscope videos within a Tweet

    Periscope has launched a few cool new features today. For starters, you can now embed Periscope broadcasts within a Tweet. Video broadcasts will also now be accompanied by automatic highlight reels for those who want to quicky catch up on stuff they missed. Finally, live broadcasts will now...
  13. Android News

    Twitter now includes a shortcut to start Periscope broadcasts directly in Twitter's mobile app

    You'll still need to have the Periscope application installed, but Twitter has no baked in a "Live" shortcut into their own Twitter mobile application to make it easier to start a Periscope broadcast. To find it, simply go to the compose page within the Twitter application, then tap on the...
  14. Android News

    Periscope launches a jury-style comment moderation feature

    Periscope's live streams are generally very fast paced and that makes it difficult to moderate people who are trolling the stream or even making abusive comments. To combat this, the company has just launched a jury style comment moderation feature. So anytime a comment gets flagged as abusive...
  15. Android News

    Periscope's latest update will now permanently save your videos

    Earlier this month, we told you about a new #save hashtag that would signal to Periscope that you want to keep your video (instead of it being lost to time). The developers behind the application have just announced that all Periscope streams will now be saved by default without the need to use...
  16. Android News

    Twitter testing 'Go Live' Periscope button in its Android app

    Twitter is finally working to integrate its Periscope live streaming service into its main Twitter app by adding a "Go Live" button. If Periscope is already installed on the phone, hitting the button will launch the app. If the app is not installed, users will be redirected to Google Play to...
  17. Android News

    Periscope users can start broadcasting from DJI drones

    You can start streaming videos taken by compatible DJI drones on Periscope. The video streaming team introduced the feature a few days ago, and it's now out on iTunes as part of the app's latest update.
  18. Android News

    Add #save to your Periscope title and your video will live forever

    Tired of your Periscope broadcasts disappearing after 24 hours? Periscope is working on new video management tweaks and has announced a beta feature which will keep your videos from disappearing after the 24 hour mark. Simply include #save in the title of your video and you're set.
  19. Android News

    Periscope gets an editor-in-chief to help curate the best live streams

    Periscope is getting an editor-in-chief. That title is typically reserved for someone managing the content of a blog or newspaper, but Periscope says it's very much normal for them. They think discovery is a big part of live streaming services, and they want to help surface the best content...
  20. Android News

    Periscope team testing new Sketching feature

    In an effort to make Periscope more useful, the devs behind the app are currently testing a new Sketching feature which will allow users to sketch on their screen while broadcasting. This will be especially useful for highlight specific areas of the screen or could simply be used for...
  21. Android News

    Rumor suggests Google will compete with Periscope and Facebook Live with YouTube Connect

    VentureBeat is reporting that YouTube wants to compete in the live streaming market. The company has seemingly lost ground in this space when compared to Facebook Live and Periscope. However, if the rumor is true then they hope to turn this around with their new live streaming application...
  22. Android News

    Periscope CEO says they are working on adding private broadcasts in a future update

    Periscope co-founder and CEO Kayvon Beykpour has been responding to questions on Twitter lately and we're told that two new features are coming in an upcoming update. He didn't reveal both of them, and he didn't go into detail either, but we did learn that a "private broadcast" feature will be...
  23. Android News

    Twitter will start embedding Periscope broadcasts in Tweets

    Twitter has announced that they will start embedding Periscope broadcasts in Tweets. It's a nice new way to experience and discover broadcasts and should make for increased viewership for everyone.
  24. Android News

    Periscope for Android gets replays on map and pinch-to-zoom during broadcasts

    The update, now headed out for Android, shows replays on the map as well as live broadcasts. You'll also be able to edit your composition during your broadcast using pinch-to-zoom, a feature previously only available on iOS.