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    Phandroid is for sale

    It’s crazy to think that I started Phandroid before Android phones existed. It wasn’t until a year later – in 2007 – that I unboxed the world’s first Android phone. That was 10+ years ago and I couldn’t have predicted all the amazing moments, adventures, and people I’d encounter in the 10+ years...
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    Top 5 Android Apps & Games this week

    Looking for something new to download this week? Phandroid's got a list of the five best new apps and games that were released on Android this week. Check it out and see if you find something new.
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    Help error message

    good afternoon . recently I have noticed when I click on the comment section of phandroid articles /blogs it immediately goes to an error message with a droid zzzzzzz sleeping saying that there was something wrong . so , I noticed the turn off/on toggle on one article and I switched it to ON to...
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    Huawei Mate 8 ranks in the top 5 of Phandroid's latest Best Android Phones of 2016 list

    It's fair to say that the Huawei Mate 8 has made an impression on a lot of people within the Android community. Some might not like the company's OEM skin, but the blazing fast performance, paired with some software unique features, make it a stand out device and that is why Phandroid ranked it...