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    Flappy bird clone with a little twist.

    Hey guys, I already posted about this game but I need your help so I'm posting again. *I have 39 downloads right now, please make it reach 50* It will be really appreciated. Link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SoloDevStudio.FlipperBird Special features :- 3 difficulty...
  2. D

    Drug Dealer Job - a indie developer mobile game

    Hello there, I am a indie developer from Germany and I made a few small games in the past. My actual game Drug Dealer Job is a bit bigger. You have to create a route in the city to provide the packages to your customers. But you have to choose a good route that you won't get caught by the...
  3. Android News

    There are apps in the Play Store that cheat the Play Games XP system

    It's been discovered that there are apps in the Play Store that allow you to increase your Play Games XP level simply by tapping on a single button within the app.