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pokemon go

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    ‘Pokémon Go’ fetch quests could bring you closer to Mew

    Pokémon Go. Soon, you'll be able to tackle "Research Tasks." Essentially, they're fetch-quests like you'd find in a typical RPG. The first of these tasks relate to uncovering the legendary Mew Pokemon, which might eventually lead to you being able to catch it.
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    Pokémon Go players can use Facebook to log in and sync devices

    You can now link Pokémon Go with your Facebook account, so you don't have to spend time trying to remember a password you invented on the fly when you signed up. By linking your accounts, you'll easily be able to access your game and progress across multiple devices.
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    Pokémon GO to get in-game quests according to new report

    According to a new report from avid Pokemon Go players on reddit, the game will soon feature in-game quests and could feature mythical Pokemon.
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    Pokémon Go Community Days bring exclusive captures every month

    Niantic has announced a new event for Pokemon Go called Community Days, where you'll be able to catch specific Pokemon with special moves for a few hours each day.
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    $100 of Pokemon GO currency if you switch to Sprint

    Sprint is offering up to $100 in Pokemon Go currency when you switch to the carrier.
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    Pokémon GO is getting dynamic weather and gen 3 Pokémon

    The next update to Pokemon Go will bring dynamic weather conditions and the third generation Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire to the game.
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    'Pokémon Go' legendary Ho-Oh is catchable for limited time

    After the Global Catch Challenge was completed, Niantic had another surprise in store for Pokemon Go players: it unlocked the chance to catch the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. It will be available at gym raid locations through December 12th.
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    'Pokemon Go' is making major changes to raids

    Niantic has detailed forthcoming changes to raids in Pokemon Go. Changes will include new rewards, new mechanics, new eligible raid locations, and more.
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    Pokémon GO players catch 500 million Pokémon in under two days

    Pokemon's latest go calls on trainres to collectively catch 3 billion Pokemon to gain access to Farfetch'd. 500 million Pokemon have already been caught in under 2 days.
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    Pokemon Go developer has bought an animation startup

    Today Niantic Labs has announced it has acquired Evertoon, an animation startup company. The official blog post says the folks at Evertoon will help build a social community for Pokemon Go players.
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    Niantic announces Pokemon Go AR photo contest

    Niantic has announced a new contest for Pokemon Go players to capture the best AR photography. The contest is open until October 25th.
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    European 'Pokémon Go' events are back on the schedule

    Niantic has announced that Pokemon GO events in Europe are back on schedule after the company had to delay them to improve the attractions following a disastrous Chicago event. It begins with France, Spain and Germany for a Safari Zone get-together on the 16th.
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    Pokemon Gen 2 legendaries are live in Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go players now have the chance to find Raikou, Entei and Suicune, originally from the Johto region in different areas of the world. This event lasts from now until September 30th.
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    MewTwo is coming to Pokemon Go soon

    Niantic has announced that MewTwo will be coming to Pokemon Go via new invite-only Raid Battles.
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    Some Pokémon Go events in Europe postponed after Chicago issues

    Pokemon Go Fest did not go well, with technical issues and cell coverage problems preventing many players from participating at the event's Chicago location in Grant Park. That experience has halted plans for similar events in Europe.
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    Pokémon Go Fest attendees file lawsuit against Niantic

    Pokemon Go Fest attendees are angry that Niantic's first event in Chicago kicked off so poorly. Now they're seeking legal action against the developer.
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    Niantic tries to explain the Pokémon Go Fest problems

    Niantic says mobile congestion and technical issues with their client are the reason the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago failed so spectacularly.
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    'Pokémon Go Fest' issues refunds after tech problems ruin event

    After server issues plagued the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, Niantic has announced it will refund ticket costs to all attendees and give them $100 in PokeCoins to spend in the game.
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    First Amendment suit halts anti-'Pokémon Go' law

    A judge in Wisconsin has ordered an injunction against a new law that would require AR game makers to get a permit before the game could include parts of park and other public spaces.
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    Pokémon Go’s first legendary Pokémon arrive this weekend

    Pokémon Go is finally getting legendary monsters. Starting this weekend, trainers around the world will be able to catch their first legendary Pokémon. Pokémon Go Fest attendees will get first dibs on legendary monsters at the Saturday, July 22 event after completing an Epic Raid Battle where...
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    Pokemon Go begins celebrating its first birthday with various global events

    Niantic has revealed more details about its game's first birthday celebration. Apparently, you can participate in the event no matter where you are in the world by working with the participants at Grant Park during three Challenge Windows that will take place throughout the day.
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    Here’s how Niantic will take on Pokemon Go cheaters

    Niantic Labs has explained how it will handle Pokemon Go cheaters now that the games latest update is available to download.
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    The new Pokemon Go gym system is rolling out today

    Niantic is rolling out a new update to Pokemon Go which includes a new gym system, while promising that raid battles are "coming soon".
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    Pokemon Go downloads cross 750 million mark

    Pokemon Go has exceeded 750 million downloads since the game launched in July of last year. The game crossed the 500 million mark in September of last year, so this 250m worth of growth has been much slower.
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    Niantic celebrates Pokémon Go anniversary with huge update

    Pokemon Go has been around for nearly a year now and to celebrate, Niantic is holding several events. An in-game Solstice Event starts on June 13th and will see more fire and ice type Pokemon, as well as huge XP bonuses for throwing accurately and discounted Lucky Eggs. A real-world Pokemon Go...