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    Help Can virusrs or malware be the cause

    I need help, can an app be placed on a mobile phone ( calculator app that hides images) be put on a mobile without the users knowledge. Strange question I know. A mobile in our family has been taken by police saying indecent images have been found via IP address. This can't be true the...
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    Deliver Packages, Escape Cops, and Pre-Register Now!

    Are you ready for a high-speed chase? Step into the world of "PursuitPak: Car Chase Delivery," a thrilling driving and strategy game where you play as a delivery driver for mysterious VIPs. You must carefully plan your route and exercise caution to avoid the attention of the cops in this...
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    How much data of a user get recorded by service providers?

    If someone from India has optical fiber connection internet for windows10 PC and mobile phone 4g network provider’s internet for android cell phone using 4g sim card, now sometimes he uses PC’s OFC internet in mobile and mobile’s 4g internet in PC using wifi hotspot and both PC and mobile...
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    The police are trying to unlock smartphones with 3D printed fingerprints

    There's been a lot of heated debates about how hard the police and governments are trying to break into someone's smartphone. Now, some cops showed up at lab in Michigan State University to try to get a professor to make a 3D model of someone's fingerprints so they can use them to break into a...
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    Appeals court says a warrant is not needed for police to obtain your phone's location data

    The US' Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has just made a ruling that says police do not need a warrant to access your smartphone's location data. The reasoning was that since you have willingly given your location data to a 3rd-party company, that data is not protected under the Constitution's...