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  1. Android News

    Prisma adds new HD image processing behind subscription plan

    Prisma has updated to add HD image processing up to 12MP, but you'll have to pay a subscription in order to take advantage. It's $1.99/month or $18.99/year.
  2. Android News

    New update to Prisma will let you create your own photo filters

    Primsa got popular really quickly when they debuted their application thanks to the number of unique filters that shipped with the app. Now, it's been revealed that a new update will let the user actually create their own photo filters.
  3. Android News

    The Prisma application no longer requires you to use a square

    A new update to Prisma removes the square image formatting while doubling photo resolution.
  4. Android News

    You can't use Prisma's Facebook Live streaming service anymore

    Earlier in November, Prisma announced it would be integrating Facebook Live streaming into its application. Now, Facebook has turned off this ability claiming that "this wasn't the intended use for the framework".
  5. Android News

    Prisma is updated to add effects to Facebook Live broadcasts

    Prisma has just been updated to add new effects to your Facebook Live video streams. Currently, only the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S are supported, but the company has plans to roll out these features to more devices in the future.
  6. Android News

    Prisma update brings an offline mode

    Prisma, a photo editing app, largely used the cloud to apply filters to photos in quick fashion. A new update will now allow you to apply those filters while you're offline. It isn't quite as fast, but the process takes just a few seconds on most phones.
  7. Android News

    Prisma devs announce their photo filters will work offline now

    Prisma has now been downloaded by 52 million people, and 4 million use it every single day. It received a lot of criticism when people found out they needed a connection to the internet, but now the developers have updated it so that all the work is done by your smartphone.
  8. Android News

    Prisma's server capacity will be resolved within a couple of days

    The launch of Prisma for Android has been plagued by server issues. The company behind the photo app has told Phandroid that the app s issues will be resolved in a couple of days. Prisma is a photo editing app that uses AI-driven filters to automatically enhance your photos.
  9. Android News

    Prisma will be adding support for videos soon

    Bloomberg is reporting on the success of the photo editing application, Prisma. In the report, we learn that the developers are currently working on adding support for videos to the service.
  10. Android News

    How to use Prisma to improve your photos

    Nick of Phandroid has put together a quick tutorial on how to make your photos better using Prisma. Prisma uses AI to automatically enhance your photos without having to use generic one-size-fits-all filters.
  11. Android News

    11 photos that were modified with Prisma

    Prisma for Android launched recently. It's an app that uses AI to automatically enhance photos instead of applying generic filters. Nick from Phandroid put some images to Prisma to show how they looked after being enhanced.
  12. Android News

    Prisma is now available on Android though Google Play

    Prisma, the photo editing app which using machine learning to apply various art styles to your photos, is now available on Android and can be downloaded through Google Play. So far, the app has already bene installed on 10 million iOS devices and has been used to stylize more than 400 million...
  13. Android News

    You can now beta test Prisma for Android

    Android users can now sign up to beta test the machine-learned art filters application which is currently topping the charts on iOS. While most photo filter apps simply tweak the images with a variety of presets, Prisma analyses each individual image and then uses machine learning to apply...