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    A Second Opinion on the BlackBerry Priv from Android Central

    It's not the highest spec'd phone of the year, and it's not the absolute best on a hardware or software level. But that hasn't stopped it becoming the favorite of everything that came across my desk this year. Maybe it's the BlackBerry fan deep within me, maybe it's the fact that someone is...
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    Wireless Charging Support for the BlackBerry Priv Depends on Where You Bought It

    Here in the US, BlackBerry’s selling the Priv as its model STV100-1, and as the manufacturer confirms on its Priv spec breakdown, the phone supports dual-mode PMA and Qi wireless charging. But up in Canada, on BlackBerry’s home turf, the situation is much more confusing. While the model listed...
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    Blackberry Priv Review Roundup

    The Verge just released their 3-minute video review of the BlackBerry Priv on YouTube. While it is an admirable effort by the company, Dieter just feels that the outstanding bugs are what is holding it back for now. The Verge ____________________ Michael Fisher of Pocketnow has just published...
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    BlackBerry Can Bypass Carriers to Deliver Android Security Fixes

    Multiple Android phone makers are promising monthly security updates, but there's a big gotcha: they typically have to get approval from carriers, which means you'll wait weeks before those updates arrive. BlackBerry won't be making that compromise with the Priv, however. It's not only planning...
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    Stock Apps for the BlackBerry PRIV Now on the Google Play Store

    To further prepare for the impending full launch, BlackBerry has published several of the stock apps that will come with the smartphone on Google Play. In all, there are 6 apps to look out for, including the BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Keyboard, BlackBerry Services, Password Keeper...