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project loon

  1. Android News

    T-Mobile joins AT&T to work with Project Loon in Puerto Rico

    T-Mobile has announced it is working with AT&T and Alphabet's Project Loon to help distribute wireless connectivity across Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
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    Google is using Project Loon in Puerto Rico

    Google has deployed Project Loon in Puerto Rico to help restore wireless service and internet connectivity after Hurricane Irma ravaged the country, knocking out much of its power and digital infrastructure. Project Loon is the name of a series of balloons which deliver wireless connectivity in...
  3. Android News

    Alphabet is changing their strategy for Project Loon

    We've been seeing a number of Alphabet's moonshots change their strategy lately and Project Loon is the latest. They used to want to blanket the earth in internet access, but now it looks like they will let their balloons form in clusters to target specific areas instead.
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    Google's machine learning AI allowed a Project Loon balloon to stay in the sky for 98 days

    Google's Project Loon team has revealed that it has been using artificial intelligence to allow its balloons to adapt to unexpected weather patterns. The change from static algorithms to machine learning has resulted in one of the team's balloons to stay in the stratosphere above Peru for 98 days.
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    Space Data Corporation claims Alphabet stole the Wi-Fi tech used in Project Loon

    In a new lawsuit filed against Alphabet, the parent company of Google is being sued for allegedly stealing the WiFi technology they use for Project Loon. Space Data Corporation says they developed that technology over a decade ago and says Alphabet's Project Loon is based on proprietary trade...
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    Google may start trialing Project Loon in India sooner rather than later

    Google has been attempting to test out Project Loon in India for sometime, but has been met with quite a bit of resistance. Most of the issues have come in regards to the communication spectrums the Loon uses, as it's the same as the cellular service networks in the area. Google is expected to...
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    Google's Project Loon goes down to Puerto Rico for autolauncher testing

    A big task for Project Loon will be the ability to ship one of their autolaunchers to remote areas and then set some balloons up in the air. To test this, the company has dismantled one of their autolaunchers, shipped it down to Puerto Rico, and then reassembled it. The company's latest test...
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    Google says its secret airborne network is safe and won't interfere with existing networks

    The FCC has raised some concerns about Google's "secret airborne network". The sole reason for this airborne network is still a secret, but all signs are pointing to it being used in Project Loon in some way. Google just released an FCC filling in an attempt to quell the worries that some...