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puerto rico

  1. Android News

    Google is using Project Loon in Puerto Rico

    Google has deployed Project Loon in Puerto Rico to help restore wireless service and internet connectivity after Hurricane Irma ravaged the country, knocking out much of its power and digital infrastructure. Project Loon is the name of a series of balloons which deliver wireless connectivity in...
  2. Android News

    Google has just brought the Google Store to Puerto Rico

    People residing in Puerto Rico can now access and purchase products from the Google Store. At this time the Google Pixel, Daydream View, Samsung Chromebook Plus, and various accessories are available for purchase.
  3. Android News

    Google's Project Loon goes down to Puerto Rico for autolauncher testing

    A big task for Project Loon will be the ability to ship one of their autolaunchers to remote areas and then set some balloons up in the air. To test this, the company has dismantled one of their autolaunchers, shipped it down to Puerto Rico, and then reassembled it. The company's latest test...