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  1. Android News

    You can use Pushbullet to view and respond to Allo messages from PC

    Pushbullet has been updated with support for Allo. The app allows you to view incoming Allo notifications on your PC, and you can also respond to the messages directly from your PC. It's not quite the desktop support Allo needs, but could serve as a nice bridge until we get one.
  2. Android News

    Noti is a program for macOS that will relay your Android notifications via Pushbullet

    A lot of people want to be able to receive their smartphone notifications directly on the desktop. Noti will do just that (with the help of Pushbullet) for anyone using macOS.
  3. Android News

    Pushbullet says they'll disable scripted / automated pushes for those who have a free account

    Pushbullet is sending out an email to a select number of users who have been using scripted / automated services to push updates and notifications to them. The company says these automated services are sending more pushes than real humans do, and to prevent server costs, they will disable them...
  4. Android News

    Video compares the Android apps Pushbullet and Join

    Pushbullet has become a very popular application to help people send media, links and more from their PC to their smartphone and from their smartphone to their PC. Some people didn't like it when they introduced a subscription tier of service and this is where Join comes into play. DVZN Media...
  5. Android News

    Pushbullet lets you view Android notifications and reply to SMS messages from your computer

    Pushbullet is a popular app that originally started by only letting you share web links and photos to your phone from the PC. The app has expanded its functionality and today, Nick from Phandroid has put together a how-to article that details how you can use Pushbullet to view Android...
  6. Android News

    You Can Now Send and Receive SMS Messages from Any Browser with the Join App

    Join was released right around the time when Pushbullet announced its Pro plan and it's been a viable solution for a lot of people who are just looking for the basics of what Pushbullet did. The developer has just announced a new update that will let you send/receive SMS messages from any...
  7. Android News

    Pushbullet now lets you send picture messages from your computer

    PushBullet continues to get more amazing by the day. While most PC texting apps limit you to one-on-one SMS messages, Pushbullet has gone above and beyond the call of duty to implement picture messaging. Simply select any photo from your PC and it'll be sent to whoever you decide to send it to...
  8. Android News

    Pushbullet finally lets you respond to group texts from PC

    Pushbullet always had the ability to show you both group and 1-on-1 text messages on PC and even reply to the latter, but it's never been possible to reply to groups. Thankfully that changes in a new update. They've also added the ability to change drives when you're browsing files remotely.
  9. Android News

    Pushbullet update lets you browse files remotely from any device

    Another big Pushbullet update is in tow. Today brings remote file browsing, which lets you view files on any of your other devices without having to be there. This is a great productivity tool that can benefit many people. The feature is available to both free and pro users, though the former...
  10. Android News

    You Can Now Send Texts from Tablets with the Latest Pushbullet Update

    Right after Pushbullet developers did an AMA over on Reddit, the company announced a new feature that would be available to both free and Pro users of its service. To set this up, you just need to enable 'SMS Sync' in Pushbullet on the phone, then install Pushbullet on the tablet and look for...
  11. Android News

    Is Pushbullet somehow sharing your private files on the web?

    Life hasn't been great for Pushbullet lately. After a very negative response to the company's new Pro option, it's become apparent that they may be inadvertently exposing private files to the web.
  12. Android News

    Alternatives to Pushbullet for Android

    Reddit user soapinmouth has just wrote a nice list of apps and services that can replace Pushbullet if someone chooses to not use their service anymore. Among the list includes apps for. . . Notification Mirroring - Airdroid - Pushline - KDE Connect (Linux users only) - SideSync(Samsung...
  13. Android News

    Pusbullet announces $5 per month subscription for new premium features

    Pushbullet has announced their new plan for monetizing their cross-platform sharing and messaging app. It's Pushbullet Pro, and for $4.99 per month or $14.99 annually you'll get a lot of new perks.
  14. Android News

    Pushbullet Gets Updated for Android 6.0 with Fixes and New Features

    The update introduces support for runtime permissions and Direct Share, so you not only get to specify to Pushbullet which permissions of your device that it can access, you can also now share even quicker. With runtime permissions, Pushbullet will now ask for your permission to do things like...