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raspberry pi 3

  1. Android News

    A beta of Android Things is now available for the Pi 3

    Google recently announced they were rebranding Brillo to Android Things and today a beta build of this new software is available on the Raspberry Pi 3.
  2. Android News

    Someone got Android 7.0 Nougat working on a Raspberry Pi 3

    A YouTuber was able to load Android 7.0 Nougat on a Raspberry Pi 3 and is able to use the device when connected to a display. There are a few bugs that are still being worked out so this may not be for everyone just yet.
  3. Android News

    Android TV is now running on Raspberry Pi 3

    Google has announced that it will be bringing Android to Raspberry Pi, but a developer has beat Google to the punch by creating an image of Android TV for Raspberry Pi 3 on his own. If you want to get Android TV up and running on your own Raspberry Pi 3, follow the source link below.
  4. Android News

    Google adds an AOSP device repository for the Raspberry Pi 3

    It's unclear exactly what Google is doing with the Raspberry Pi 3, but the company did add an AOSP device repository for the device. Google could either make a build of Android that runs on the Raspberry Pi 3, or they could just be adding support to Android so it can interface with the device...