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  1. Android News

    The Galaxy Note FE could see a global launch this month

    The Samsung Galaxy Note FE is now available in South Korea and sales are so high that Samsung is considering a global launch of the device later this month.
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    Report says Google reduced its 2015 tax bill by $3.6 billion thanks to popular tax loopholes

    Bloomberg is reporting that Google was able to cut the amount they paid in taxes for 2015 by $3.6 billion because of loopholes known as the “Double Irish" and "Dutch Sandwich.” The report claims Google shuffled its profits through subsidiaries in low-tax countries like the Netherlands and...
  3. Android News

    Samsung is reportedly "not considering" a flat version of the Galaxy Note 7

    The Korea Herald is reporting that the local daily Munwha Ilbo says Samsung is "not considering launching a flat screen version" of the Galaxy Note 7. The photo leaked a while back mentioned an Edge model, so we might only see one Galaxy Note 7 released this year with dual curved edges.
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    Homeowners are upset at Waze for giving people shortcut directions through their neighborhood

    Some homeowners have noticed their quiet neighborhood had become used as a shortcut due to some roadwork that was being done on the main road. These homeowners say Waze is to blame, and have gone as far as to log into the service themselves to and post false reports of a wreck, speed trap or...
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    Google will reportedly adjust their revenue take from Play Store sales to 85/15

    Both the Play Store and the App Store have had a 70/30 split when it comes to revenue transactions but this is set to change. Apple is said to offer developers an 85/15 split if the customer subscribes to their app for 12 months. Google on the other hand will reportedly just transition to an...
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    Facebook is reportedly testing a way for you to hide a status message from your Timeline

    CNET is reporting that Facebook is testing out a special feature that would help you to limit the number of items that appear on your account's Timeline. The feature will appear as a checkbox labeled "Hide From Your Timeline." If selected when you make a post, the item will not appear on your...
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    AT&T reportedly says they're having trouble selling the BlackBerry Priv

    There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not BlackBerry made the right move by switching to Android with the release of the Priv. BlackBerry CEO says they're happy with the results, but an unnamed AT&T executive reportedly says the device is "struggling." The executive continues by...
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    T-Mobile's Uncarrier 11 will reportedly be called “Stock Up,” and offer up to 100 shares of stock

    Evan Blass has been talking about T-Mobile's upcoming Uncarrier event (number 11), and the theme of it will be giving back to the customers. Evan says his sources are telling him the name will be Stock Up, and along with weekly freebies (like a Domino's Pizza, a Wendy's Frosty, VUDU movie...
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    Report says T-Mobile sold more smartphones than Verizon in Q1

    T-Mobile has definitely been ramping up their business over the last couple of years thanks to their Uncarrier campaign. Now, a report from Counterpoint Technology says they're the number 1 smartphone sales channel in the United States. The report says T-Mobile was responsible for 22.9% of the...
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    Report says Google Home uses the same hardware as the Chromecast

    The Information is reporting that the ARM-based microprocessor and Wi-Fi chip used in Google Home is the same one that Google is using in their Chromecast products. This has spawned a bunch of 'Google Home is basically a Chromecast with a microphone, speakers and LED lights' articles, but the...
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    Report says Facebook is working on what is being called 'shoppable' video ads

    The Information is reporting that Facebook is working on what is being called shoppable video ads. Basically, you'll be able to watch a video about a product (like shoes) that a friend of yours is wearing. Then, you can click a buy button after the video plays and you'll be taken to the...
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    Twitter has reportedly abandoned their plans for a Buy button in favor of dynamic product ads

    When Dick Costolo was in charge of Twitter, a leak revealed that the company was working on adding a Buy button to products that were shared on Twitter. Now that Jack Dorsey is back in charge, it seems this Buy button has been disbanded. Those who were working on it have either left the company...
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    Google will reportedly put pressure on Android OEMs who are slow at pushing out updates

    Bloomberg says they have sources who are "familiar with the situation" that say Google tracking the amount of time it takes OEMs to push out OTA updates for Android. If successful, Google will use this data to rank the Android OEMs according to OTA update speed and they hope this will shame...
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    LG Pay’s White Card will reportedly have both an integrated circuit chip and magnetic stripe

    A new report out of Korea has revealed some alleged details of the physical credit card that will work with LG Pay. Dubbed the White Card, it's being reported that it will feature both an integrated circuit chip and magnetic stripe. This is what we generally see on modern credit cards today...
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    Report says that, on average, children get their 1st smartphone when they're 10

    Influence Central will be publishing a report called Kids & Tech: The Evolution of Today’s Digital Natives and Tech Crunch got an early copy of it. Some highlights of the report include. . . - The average age for a child getting their first smartphone is now 10.3 years - Tablets have surged...
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    Snapchat is rumored to be working on an algorithm for their content feed

    According to sources, Facebook's Snapchat service is said to be developing an algorithm for their content feed. It seems like this will be similar to what Facebook does, what Instagram has started to do, and what Twitter introduced a feature for. So instead of seeing a chronological timeline of...
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    Amazon is reportedly building an Alexa-powered tablet

    The Wall Street Journal claims Amazon is working on a new tablet that will have the company's Alexa software built into it. The codename for the device is said to be Knight. Lab126 and sources say it will have a "tablet-like computer screen." It's possible that this device will be advertised...
  18. Android News

    Google will reportedly announce plans for messaging bots at Google I/O 2016

    Both Facebook and Microsoft have already announced their plans to integrate messaging bots into their communication services. The Information is reporting that Google has been planning to do the same for a while now. The report mentions that Google will be building tools to let developers...
  19. Android News

    Twitter will reportedly stop counting links in their 140-character limit

    Bloomberg is reporting that Twitter is getting close to pushing out an update to their social networking service. If true, Twitter will no longer start counting the letters of URLs as part of your 140-character limit for tweets. We've heard reports of this before with @ usernames as well but...
  20. Android News

    Sprint Galaxy S6 Edge+ reportedly caught on fire after being charged

    Android Headlines says someone recently sent them a tip about a Sprint Galaxy S6 Edge+ catching fire. While most devices catch fire while they're being charged, this one was reportedly not being charged at that time. It was, however, recently pulled off the charger a few minutes before it...
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    AppAnnie report shows the most popular Play Store apps of all time

    App Annie is a big app store analytics company and they publish various reports about downloads, revenue and other related app statistics from time to time. This week, the company has published a report detailing what their data shows as the most popular Google Play apps of all time. Some key...
  22. Android News

    Facebook is reportedly working to add support for panoramic and 360-degree photos

    With more and more companies releasing 360-degree cameras as an attractive price point, it makes sense to hear that Facebook is working to add support for them. According to SlashGear, support for 360-degree photos will be added to the social network "in the coming weeks," and will support "360...
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    T-Mobile says they're happy to offer unlimited data plans and they have no plans to change them

    Back in March, it was reported that T-Mobile would start to move away from unlimited data plans but now the story seems to have changed. T-Mobile’s COO, Michael Sievert, says “we’re really proud to be able to offer unlimited. We’ve got the network that has the capacity and we don’t have any...
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    HTC will reportedly make a new spin-off company for VR

    HTC has always been serious about VR, and now they're said to be taking it a step further. The company reportedly plans to create a spin-off business that focuses exclusively on virtual reality. This isn't the first time we've heard of such plans, but the report suggests HTC is starting the...
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    Report says HTC only managed to sell 251 HTC 10 units through 11 days in China

    The HTC 10 might be off to a rough start in China. The device has been on pre-sale for 11 days in the country, and Focus Taiwan suggests the company has only been able to move 251 units during that time. The report seems to suggest Chinese consumers are not OK with the fact that they were given...