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    Supercharge the WiFi in your home with the Eero router

    A smartphone is pretty useless without the internet, but the internet from your carrier usually comes with limits and caps. Home WiFi is king when it comes to streaming to your heart’s content. The key to great WiFi is a router. Most people don’t think too much about the router in their home...
  2. Android News

    The Eero 3-pack is now permanently priced at $399

    Previously, Eero was charging $499 for its WiFi router system. However, the company has announced it will permanently be dropping the price to just $399.
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    A new exploit kit is infecting routers running unpatched firmware or using weak passwords

    A technique known as steganography is being used to hide malicious code in image data. When viewed, the code will use your infected router to redirect your web browser to a fraudulent server, rather than the one you intended on visiting.