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    SafetyNet can detect Magisk again, but a fix is on the way

    If you are a Magisk user, and you fired up Pokemon Go or Android Pay today just to be met with an error message, you aren't alone. The game of cat and rooted mouse continues, as Google's detection methods have expanded again to catch Magisk 13.2, which is the latest version. But, Magisk...
  2. Android News

    Latest version of Magisk fixes SafetyNet issues and adds support for Android O

    Magisk has been updated to version 13.1 and adds support for Android O while also providing a new workaround for SafetyNet issues.
  3. Android News

    CopperheadOS CTO says SafetyNet is just a stepping stone to TrustZone-based remote attestation

    There's been a lot of talk about the recent changes to SafetyNet and how it could impact devices in the future. The CTO of CopperheadOS says that the current implementation of SafetyNet is very haphazardly implemented, but will eventually evolve into real remote attestation.
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    Magisk: Some Words On Tamper Detections

    Magisk developer says he is working on the new stricter SafetyNet restrictions that Google has enabled in order to better detect rooted phones.
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    It seems like Google has updated SafetyNet as people are starting to report checks failing

    Google uses SafetyNet to find out if your device has the potential to be compromised thanks to root, a custom recovery, etc. There are ways to get around this check though but it seems like Google has updated their side of things as people are saying their methods aren't working.
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    LineageOS outlines position on SafetyNet

    LineageOS says it offers developers the option of hiding their apps on the Play Store for devices that can't pass the SafetyNet checks so as to prevent Google from lashing out at custom ROMs.
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    Google Play Console lets developers exclude app availability for devices that don't pass SafetyNet

    Google Play Console will now let developers refuse access to an app if the device does not meet the requirements needed by SecurityNet.
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    SafetyNet seems to have updated and now Magisk no longer bypassing the checks

    Magisk is a tool to help people bypass the SafetyNet checks so they can use applications like Android Pay while their phone is rooted. However, it's being reported that SafetyNet has just been updated and that it is no longer being bypassed by Magisk.
  9. Android News

    SafetyNet API failing on some unlocked phones, affecting Android Pay

    Some non-rooted users are experiencing issues with SafetyNet, Google's API that is designed to detect rooted and modified devices. Reports on reddit have surfaced from users with unlocked but non-rooted phones being unable to use Android Pay because of it.
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    Google has updated SafetyNet so that root hiding methods no longer work

    There have been a number of methods to hide root on devices so people could continue to use Android Pay, play Pokemon Go, etc. The latest update to SafetyNet has patched these methods and will no longer let you hide root from Android apps.