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samsung c-labs

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    Samsung announces 7 new C-Lab projects to become startups

    Samsung C-Labs is an initiative by Samsung to help foster creativity and entrepreneurship within the company. C-Lab projects are forward-thinking ideas, and if Samsung likes them enough they'll help support the creators by funding a startup. 7 such projects are graduating today, including AR and...
  2. Android News

    Samsung's C-Labs will be showing off new VR projects at MWC 2017

    Samsung is planning to show off some new AR and VR projects at MWC. The projects come from Samsung's C-Labs department.
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    Samsung showed off new C-Lab projects at IFA 2016 including the Sgnl smart strap

    At IFA 2016, Samsung showed off some of its C-Lab projects including a case that shows off 3D videos on your smartphone, and the Sgnl, which is a smart strap that lets users answer phone calls with just their fingertip.
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    Samsung launches 5 new startups

    Samsung today announced that they have selected 5 new C-Labs projects to support as startups. C-Labs is an employee development program at Samsung which allows employees to work on creative ideas. If projects are deemed interesting or good enough, Samsung lets those employees opt to leave the...