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samsung display

  1. Android News

    Analyst says Samsung will start to produce 7th gen OLED panels soon

    Some industry analysts have released a report saying they believe Samsung will start producing their 7th generation OLED panels soon. They feel Samsung’s new A4 production line that will start production as early as Q2 of next year, and is likely to be manufacturing these new OLED panels.
  2. Android News

    Samsung to invest big money in chips and displays

    Samsung is said to be investing a lot of money into chips and displays this coming year. Specifically, the company wants to advance flexible OLED display technology and NAND flash. The investments may be as much as $24 billion.
  3. Android News

    Samsung shipped 95% of the OLELD displays sold this past quarter

    Samsung has dominated OLED shipments in 2016 so far. This past quarter, the company was responsible for 95% of the 91.3 million OLED displays that were sipped.
  4. Android News

    Samsung patent shows users may be able to use the S Pen on the edge of Samsung's curved displays

    A Samsung patent dating back to August of 2015 shows that Samsung envisions users using the S Pen on the edge of its curved displays. While we like the idea that the S Pen's functionality won't be limited to the flat portion of Samsung's curved display, we're not sure if Samsung should really be...
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    Samsung Display to double flexible display output with $325.73 million investment

    Demand for Samsung's flexible OLED displays is increasing and Samsung is hoping to stay ahead of demand with a $325.73 million investment which will nearly double the company's output. While Samsung is already selling its flexible displays to other smartphone manufacturers, rumors claims Apple...