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samsung galaxy grand prime

  1. Zina Brewer

    Soft brick

    How do you unbrick a mobile phone
  2. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (2016) shows off its 1.4GHz quad-core processor on Geekbench

    A new Geekbench listing for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (2016) has surfaced, revealing that the upcoming smartphone will be powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM.
  3. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (2016) shows up in Zauba database

    The mid-range Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (2016) has made an appearance inIndia's Zauba import database. While specifications are not listed, the database listing shows that at least 8 units have been imported into India with 5-inch displays.
  4. D

    Help Galaxy Grand Prime Bricked After Failed Root

    Yesterday, I attempted to root my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, I set everything up properly through Odin and began the rooting process, the root failed, which I didn't think was too big of a deal at the time, but now the phone wouldn't respond to any inputs(power, home, power+home+volume+/-) I...
  5. R

    Help Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime bricked without usb debugging.

    Hey guys. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime running android 5.0+. i believe it was 5.1.1 but I'm not certain. Anyways, I was attempting to play a game that needed my location, but it was saying it couldn't see my location, even though it was turned on. So i was going through settings...
  6. Lana30

    Can´t Complete Root with Kingroot for G530T Model

    Hi, If you´re trying to give supersu control to eliminate Kingroot and the popup comes up and when you grant permission, you type in. sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh it says file not found. How to fix this please? Thanks in advance. ;)
  7. K

    SIM keeps getting blocked on carrier's network

    So, my SIM on the phone keeps getting blocked or freezing. This happened three times already. Before anyone says anything, yes, I paid the bill :) (more details below) 4 months ago I woke up one morning and the SIM was not registered on the network, nothing worked. Going into safe mode didn't...
  8. D

    Help Phone doesn't recognize as a device when I plug it into any computer.

    Hi guys... I could use some help here. A little background first; I am using a Samsung Galaxy Grand prime. I am not rooted. My carrier is cricket wireless. I have always been able to hook my phone up to my laptop prior to yesterday without a problem. I have used different usb cords...
  9. 3kittymama

    Animated gifs

    Is there any way to make animated gifs work on this phone? Any app I can download?
  10. edodson84

    Root Odin Stock Grand Prime SM-S920L recovery

    Here is a odin md5 tar of the stock recovery for the SM-S920L grand prime, flash using odin with pda tab https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=4996500813288309313 i will fix up op when i get time
  11. edodson84

    Root TWRP [SM-S920L ONLY]

    DISCLAIMER: By using this recovery, you agree that you are the only one responsible for anything good or bad that may occur. Use at your own risk. Bugs: Rebooting to recovery by anything but key combo will cause a recovery boot loop this is fixed by flashing ur backup stock recovery image and...
  12. KIngjhose

    Root please help

    rooted sm-g530t1 (samsung galaxy grand prime for metro)dont know what happen phone is stuck on costum binary frp lock. does anyone know how to fix these please tell me..
  13. A

    Need help

    Good morning I have a SamsungGalaxy grand prime from straight talk I am having trouble with my hotspot the booklet said I have one but for the life of me I can'tfind it.. So if anyone could help me plz let me know thanksfor your time..
  14. M

    Root Has anyone rooted a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime G53P.02?

    Well I haven't been around the forums for quite awhile as you all helped me root my HTC Hero many years ago and it was just a delight to own and use then. Well in January I had to get a new phone as the old Hero was getting really long in the tooth and I went back to Sprint and bought a Samsung...
  15. edodson84

    Root Devs

    Hi i currently have the tracfone variant of this device (sm-s920l) so far im rooted and have started making a device tree to build twrp... If any other devs want to help feel free to join me!!!!
  16. S

    Root Would like to root Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (5.1.1)

    OK so I just switched over from Apple to Samsung, and there are many differences between jail breaking and rooting. But really, all I would really want out of a root is two things: Be able to save games to my external SD card, and maybe get some free in app purchases later on. (My main concern...
  17. D

    Root Rooted G530T1 (Galaxy Grand Prime for Metro) Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Help Please!

    Alright so as stated in the title I rooted my G530T1 using KingRoot and once I finally powered my device off and then back on after a few days I am now receiving a message that says Custom Binary Blocked By FRP. I would like to undo this without having to restore factory settings and lose all my...
  18. L

    Root Grand Prime SM-G530M 4G Recovery...

    Hello, I have a Grand Prime SM-G530M 4G Version and its very VERY uncommon anywhere outside South America, and as there are few people that do those things in S.A. I cant find any Custom ROM, Recovery or any kind of support. So I decided to try to make one myself... I always have problem with...
  19. pouras surve

    Root Rooted Galaxy Grand Prime won't boot

    Guyss need a alots of help from ya.........i am done with rooting my grand prime with ODIN and after opening d SU app de said dat we hav to reboot it after rebooting my phone is ending up with blue screen after d start up!!! SOLUTIONS PLEASE!!!
  20. J

    Root Galaxy Grand Prime Won't Root

    just got a galaxy grand prime. wasn't the latest greatest thing, which is what I wanted.... anyways it came loaded with the DT Ignite and it's just eating my data up..... i've tried to root it several different ways, each time it fails.. the phone is G530R4 and is running android 5.1.1...