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samsung gear s3 frontier

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    Best Buy throws in gift cards with Gear S3, Gear Sport and Fit2 Pro ‘Cyber Week’...

    Best Buy is running a Cyber Week promotion, technically charging $349.99 for a Gear S3 Classic or Gear S3 Frontier, of which you get a full $100 back on a gift card. Buying the Gear Sport or Gear Fit2 Pro gets you a $50 gift card back.
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    Tizen 3.0 now rolling out to the Gear S3

    Samsung is releasing a major update for the Gear S3 today. Called the Value Pack update, it brings Tizen 3.0 to the Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier and, as a result, a slew of new features and enhancements. It should bring the devices up to the same feature set as the Gear Sport.
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    Tizen 3.0 will reportedly let you control smart devices with Gear S3

    Once Tizen 3.0 arrives, users will reportedly be able to control smart devices with Gear S3 by just a turn of the bezel. The update will also bring improvements to wireless syncing.
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    Gear S3 classic and Gear S3 frontier to receive Tizen 3.0 update

    Samsung has confirmed that it will distribute the much-requested Tizen 3.0 update for the Gear S3 classic and Gear S3 frontier. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 may not get that same benefit.
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    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier update is now rolling out

    Thanks to a new update, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier now supports vibration notifications for third-party messaging apps like The update is around 7MB large.
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    DEAL: Get the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier for just $240

    An eBay seller is offering the open box Samsung Gear S3 Frontier for just $240.
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    You can now buy the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic from Verizon

    For those who have been waiting, the Frontier and Classic versions of the Gear S3 can now be purchased directly from Samsung. No matter which one you go for, these will run you $400 each unless you sign a contract or buy one with a Galaxy S7 or S8.
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    The kernel sources have been released for the Gear S3 and can now be rooted

    Since Samsung has released the kernel source code for the Exynos 7270, we now have a working source for the Classic and Frontier version of the Gear S3. A community developer has also been able to gain root access to these two devices, which could lead to a port of Android Wear sometime in the...
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    Samsung improves Find My Device in latest Gear S3 update

    Samsung has introduced several improvements to the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier in a new software update. The update now shows the contact info of the device owner on the Find My Device page, as well as new watch face complications for Music and News, and more.
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    Latest Gear S3 Frontier update adds a new feature called Jansky Wearable

    If you have the Gear S3 Frontier then you can look forward to a new firmware update being pushed to your device. The changelog doesn't list much, but it does say it adds a new feature called Jansky Wearable. It's unclear exactly what this feature is right now.
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    Verizon-bound Samsung Gear S3 frontier now has FCC approval

    Samsung and Verizon have not mentioned if or when the LTE-enabled Gear S3 frontier smartwatch will be available on the Big Red, but it could be soon. The device has been granted approval by the FCC, so it could show up in retail stores at any time.
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    DEAL: Save more than $50 on the new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

    Amazon currently has the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch on sale for $299, a savings of 15% ($50.99).
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    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review explores using the watch without a Samsung phone

    PocketNow's review of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch is now available. An interesting aspect of this review is that the reviewer doesn't use a Samsung phone as a daily driver, so the review covers how well the watch works with other devices.
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    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review says it outclasses most smartwatches in the market

    Asif from SamMobile just published his review of the Gear S3 Frontier, and he feels it is better than just about all other smartwatches that are available today. Pros - Excellent design - Immense customization options - Big, bright, and colorful screen - Great watch faces - Full...
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    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier review says it has the best smartwatch interface

    Engadget has published its full review of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and gives the smartwatch a rating of 80 out of 100. The pros of the smartwatch are: - Best smartwatch interface - Excellent performance - Respectable battery life - OLED display is bright and crisp The cons of the Gear S3...
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    Deal: Save $50 on the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier from Amazon

    Amazon currently is discounting the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier by $50 bringing the price down to $299. Although the smartwatch is out of stock, you can still order it at the current price and will receive the Frontier once stock has been replenished.
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    Samsung Gear S3 getting custom designer watch bands

    Samsung has teamed up with Strap Studio and SLG Design to create custom leather and canvas bands for the Gear S3 series of smartwatches. They'll range in price from between $29 to $109 and will be compatible with both the Classic and the Frontier models.
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    Samsung Gear S3 watches getting a new update

    The Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier are getting their first firmware update today. The OTA file is just 14MB in size and contains improvements to the overall GPS performance with certain apps.
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    Samsung wearables are up to $50 off for Black Friday

    You can get some of Samsung's smartwatches on the cheap for Black Friday. The company is offering $50 off both new Gear S3 models, as well as up to $30 off the older Gear S2 smartwatches.
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    Samsung Gear S3 and Blue Coral Galaxy S7 launch in Canada

    The Samsung Gear S3 is now available in Canada. Both the Fontier and Classic models retail for $469 CAD. Alongside that, those looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 soon can add Blue Coral as a color option to consider.
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    Samsung has sold 25,000 Gear S3 units in South Korea

    Samsung revealed to The Investor that they have sold 25,000 units of the Samsung Gear S3 in South Korea so far. The device has been available there since November 11th. There were no details about which model had the most sales. 25,000 may seem like a low figure, but South Korea is a...
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    T-Mobile says the Gear S3 Frontier will be availability in stores on November 18th

    We knew that T-Mobile would be carrying the Gear S3 smartwatch this fall, but we didn't know exactly when. Today, the company confirmed on their Twitter account that it will be available starting on November 18th.
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    Samsung uploads a new video ad for the Gear S3 on YouTube

    Samsung Mobile has just uploaded a new Gear S3 ad to their YouTube channel that talks about how to stay organized with the smartwatch. They show off the design, band selection, watch faces, and more.
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    Amazon pre-sales for the Samsung Gear S3 go on sale in the US

    Amazon has listed the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier for pre-sale in the US. The duo starts at $382.66. Amazon is currently showing a shipping date of November 6th.
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    Pre-orders for Samsung's Gear S3 has sold out in the United Kingdom

    Samsung has posted on update on its UK site, stating that pre-orders for both models of the Gear S3 are sold out. The company started taking pre-orders for the new smartwatch four days ago and is planning on shipping them to customers on November 11.