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samsung gear vr

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    How does the Oculus Go stack up against the Samsung Gear VR

    Now that the Oculus Go has been announced, the folks at Android Central takes a look at how the standalone VR headset stacks up against the Samsung Gear VR.
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    Samsung bundles new Gear 360 and Gear VR at a very special price today only

    For today only, the second-generation Samsung Gear 360 camera is available at $199.99 instead of its $229.99 MSRP with a Gear 360 bundled in for no extra charge.
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    Samsung’s next mobile VR headset will feature inside-out positional tracking

    Taeyong Kim, Vice President of Samsung Electronics, revealed at the firm’s Developer Conference last month that its next mobile headset will be equipped with inside-out positional tracking and its Six Degrees of Freedom controllers. It's not clear if Samsung's new headset will be branded after...
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    Deal: Samsung Gear VR 2016 for $30

    The Samsung Gear VR 2016 is just $30 in the latest deal from Daily Steals. The model works with the Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S7 or S7 Edge.
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    Here is every voice command you can use while within Gear VR

    Gear VR lets you explore great new worlds and games that can bring you across the universe. While there are certain things that will require a controller, you can control several simple commands using only your voice. There aren't many voice commands, but the ones that are available make a big...
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    Samsung and Red Bull partner to produce 360-degree content for the Gear VR

    Red Bull will create 360-degree content through its Rulebreakers campaign. The content will be designed for the Samsung Gear VR thanks to a partnership.
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    Samsung's Relúmĭno is a Gear VR powered aid for the visually impared

    Samsung's Relúmĭno app is a C-Lab project designed to help people with visual impairments enjoy the same activities as others, and it uses Samsung's Gear VR headset in conjunction with one of the company's newer Galaxy phones, such as the S7, S7 Edge, S8 or S8+.
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    The Samsung Gear VR now features Chromecast support

    Back in May 2017, Oculus announced that they were toying with Gear VR support for Chromecast, and gamers rejoiced. However, there wasn't anything resembling a timeline on when we were to expect this update; only news that the update would be rolling out slowly.
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    Samsung and ESPN are teaming up to stream the X Games in VR

    Samsung and ESPN have announced a new partnership which will stream select X Games events in Virtual Reality with the Samsung Gear VR.
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    The unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus may not work with the Gear VR

    One Reddit user has been unable to use their unlocked Galaxy S8 with the new Samsung Gear VR headset and states that Samsung has claimed that users may come across problems that may cause the headset to not work at all.
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    Here are some of the best Horror Games For Gear VR

    Jen from VRHeads has compiled a list of some of the best horror games for owners of the Samsung Gear VR.
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    A new Gear VR patent suggests it will be able to identify different users

    A new patent has surfaced which suggests that a future iteration of the Gear VR headset may be able to identify users based on the shape of their head.
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    Samsung reportedly working on a standalone Gear VR headset

    A new report claims that Samsung is working on a standalone Gear VR headset which would include an OLED display with a pixel density of 2,000 ppi.
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    DEAL: Get the Samsung Gear VR controller for just $28

    Amazon is offering the Samsung Gear VR controller for just $28, down from the regular price of $40.
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    Samsung Gear VR gains Chromecast support

    The Samsung Gear VR is getting support for Chromecast, Oculus has announced. You'll be able to stream your VR musings to your Chromecast screens to let others in on the fun.
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    RaveVR is a Daydream and Gear VR-compatible app that lets you watch YouTube videos with friends

    Watching videos in VR can be very immersive, but it can also be also be a lonely experience since it's near impossible to share it with friends. But there's a new application called RaveVR that trying to make VR videos more social.
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    Samsung Gear VR gets UFC fights and X Games

    The Samsung Gear VR is getting some more extreme sports options soon. You'll be able to watch UFC fights and X Games events like BMX racing in 360-degree goodness.
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    These tips can help your phone from overheating when using it for VR

    Using a smartphone for VR experiences is incredibly taxing on the hardware and it can quickly lead to your phone getting very hot. To combat this, VR Heads has a few tips to combat this such as turning on do not disturb mode, closing extra applications, not using the Gear VR cover and more.
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    Comparison asks if Galaxy S8 owners should buy a Gear VR or Daydream View

    The Verge has an opinion piece up asking whether or not Galaxy S8 owners should stick with the Gear VR or pick up a Daydream View. They said the Gear VR has more content right now, but the Daydream View is cheaper and also connects you to a Google ecosystem.
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    Samsung readying Kids Mode for the Gear VR

    A new rumor suggests Samsung is getting ready to add a new feature to the Gear VR headset called "Kid Mode". However, it seems that the feature may not be ready until the Galaxy Note 8 is launched.
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    These are the challenges that face the mobile VR industry

    Android Authority has an opinion piece up right now that talks about the hurdles which challenge the mobile VR market. This includes things such as limited battery life, display resolutions, audio, sensors, and more.
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    ZeniMax has just filed a lawsuit against Samsung over the Gear VR headset

    ZeniMax sued Oculus over technology one of their employees was using and while they didn't win all of their claims, the judge did feel they were owed millions of dollars. Now, ZeniMax has turned their attention to a partner of Oculus, Samsung, and claims they “continued to develop the Gear VR...
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    Video shows the Galaxy S8 running both Daydream and Oculus Gear VR

    Many were shocked to find out that the Galaxy S8 didn't support Google's Daydream VR platform. However, someone from Revel-VR was able to get it running on the S8 and they uploaded a video to show proof.
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    Samsung dominated the VR market in Q1

    Samsung was the biggest seller in VR in Q1 2017, with the company shipping 782,000 units of the Gear VR. The next closest was Sony's PS VR with 375,000 units.
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    The PGA Tour will livestream a single iconic hole for Gear VR owners

    If you own the Samsung Gear VR then you'll be able to watch the iconic 17th hole of Florida's TPC Sawgrass' penultimate fairway with the PGA Tour VR Live app.