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self-driving car

  1. Android News

    Samsung gets approval to test its self-driving car on public roads

    Samsung has been testing self-driving car tech on its own modified race track in South Korea for a while now, but now the company has gotten approval to test the car on public roads.
  2. Android News

    Google gives us a look at the new Waymo Chrysler minivans

    The new Waymo Chrysler minivans have been delivered to Alphabet and are being equipped with the necessary sensors. Now that the minivans have been manufactured, the company has released a few images showing off the design.
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    Images of Google's self-driving Chrysler Pacifica have appeared

    Google partnered with Chrysler to create a fleet of self-driving Chrysler Pacifica's but it was unknown when these cars would make it on the road. However, it now seems that the cats out of the bag as new images have appeared showing off what the self-driving car will look like.
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    Google are teaching its self-driving cars to honk without being rude

    Using a number of "honk-worthy situations," Google's self-driving team are teaching these cars to know when and how to honk without being rude to other cars and pedestrians. The team says "our goal is to teach our cars to honk like a patient, seasoned driver," and they are doing tests to help...
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    A law from 45 years ago is stopping self-driving cars from happening in New York

    A New York law from 1971 requires that at least one hand be on the steering wheel at all times while driving. New York Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Joseph Robach is trying to change said law, but he's being met with some resistance from law makers who feel the technology isn't quite...
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    Arizona drivers, you can get paid $20 per hour to test self-driving cars for Google

    Google just published a job listing to HireArt's website that is asking for Arizona drivers who want to help test self-driving cars. If you quality, you'll get paid $20 per hour and work under 12-24 month contracts driving vehicles between six to eight hours per day.
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    Gamer creates a parody video about Google's self-driving car using GTA 5

    Rockstar Game's Grand Theft Auto 5 has some great in-game tools to help players create content using their game engine. A YouTuber who goes by the name pizzaforbreakfast recently made a parody video about Google's self driving car.
  8. Android News

    Google and Chrysler reportedly teaming up for a self-driving minivan

    Bloomberg is reporting that Google and Chrysler have teamed up to bring a consumer-style self-driving vehicle to the road as soon as this year. The vehicle would be a minivan. It's not yet known if the deployment is for testing or for a limited commercial run. The minivan will be based on the...
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    Google and Fiat could be forming a technical partnership for self-driving vehicles

    A new rumor suggests Google and Fiat will enter a partnership soon. It will be a technical partnership for developing self-driving cars. Unfortunately exact details of the partnership aren't yet known.
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    Google, Uber, Ford, Lyft and Volvo team up to advocate self-driving vehicles

    Google has been testing self-driving vehicle tech for quite some time, but there hasn't been much in the way of getting regulation to help it become a reality. The company has decided to enlist the help of Uber, Lyft, Volvo and Ford to help advocate self-driving vehicles. The group is called the...
  11. Android News

    Google will test self-driving cars in Arizona to test desert road conditions

    Google's next testing ground for their self-driving vehicles is Arizona. It may sound weird at first, but Google says Arizona is perfect for 2 reasons: they welcome tech development and innovation, and their unique desert atmosphere allows them to test their cars in environments where a lot of...
  12. Android News

    Watch a Google Self-driving car sideswipe a bus

    The Associated Press has obtained surveillance footage of a Google Self-driving car sideswiping a public transit bus in Mountain View. This is the first time one of Google's cars was responsible for a crash on public roads.
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    Google's self-driving car was just involved in an accident that seems to have been its fault

    There's a reported accident that took place on El Camino Real in Mountain View that involves a Google self-driving car and a public transit bus. Google's self-driving car was trying to merge back into a lane and it thought the bus was going to let it in. The bus had no intentions of letting the...
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    Google starts ramping up hiring for its self-driving car project

    Google has started to ramp up its search for employees interested in joining the self-driving car project. Currently, there are 36 open positions that have been posted. Some of the positions range from engineering to vehicle safety and even jobs that would seem outside of the realm such as...