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    Senate proposes bill that requires tougher security standards for the Internet of Things

    A new bill has been proposed in the Senate that would require smart devices like cameras and thermostats to meet stricter standards in order to be used inside government buildings.
  2. Android News

    A bill introduced by the Senate would require a warrant for border agents to search your phone

    Right now, if you cross the border then US officials have the right to search your phone and you must give them your password. However, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is preparing a bill that would require a warrant before they're allowed to search the devices of US citizens, and would forbid them...
  3. Android News

    The Senate drafts an encryption bill called the “Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016”

    It's no secret that the government doesn't want anymore issues with trying to gain access to encrypted devices again. In response to the Apple incident, the Senate has drafted a bill that they're calling the Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016. This bill would legally force companies to...