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  1. Android News

    Apple confirms it has acquired Shazam

    Last week it was rumored that Apple was considering purchasing music identification company Shazam. Now the rumor has been confirmed by Apple in a deal that is expected to be worth $400 million.
  2. Android News

    Apple rumored to be interested in Shazam

    A new report from TechCrunch says Apple may be buying Shazam and its music identification technology. The report says the sale could be announced as early as Monday.
  3. Android News

    Shazam now has app shortcuts on the launcher for identifying a song faster

    Shazam is great for when you want to identify a song, but having quicker access to this feature is a welcomed addition. So instead of opening up the application and then starting to capture a sample, you can now use an app shortcut from the launcher to quickly start the identifying process.
  4. Android News

    With more than 1 billion installs, Shazam is finally profitable

    Shazam, one of the first apps that was available for Android, has been installed on more than 1 billion android and iOS devices. While that's a great accomplishment, the bigger news is that the company is finally turning a profit. While the service has always pulled in money, things turned...
  5. Android News

    Shazam update includes 'Auto Shazam' Quick Settings tile for Android 7.0

    If you're into music, Shazam has a new feature which may be right up your alley. The latest app update comes with a new custom Quick Settings tile for Android Nougat devices which keeps Shazam's service running in the background so that it will continually listen for music and identify song...
  6. Android News

    You can now have Shazam identify a song as soon as you open the app

    Shazam has added a nice new feature to their music identification app. Instead of having to open an app and then having to press a button to identify a song, the app can start identifying whatever is playing the moment you open it. It's a nice time saver and might be a safer solution for...
  7. Android News

    Shazam now lets you sync matched tracks across devices

    Shazam strangely never backed your matched tracks up to your account, so using the app on a new device meant you didn't have a history of all the tracks you've identified. That changes in the latest update. You can see all the tracks you've identified on any device, so long as you keep the sync...
  8. Android News

    Shazam lets you buy identified songs directly from Google Play Music

    Shazam is getting a great new update today. Upon identifying a song, the app will now offer buttons to buy the track, listen to it, or listen to a radio station based on the track on Google Play. You can also listen to a radio station based on all of the songs you've ever identified. To...
  9. Android News

    Shazam update brings much faster song recognition

    Shazam has just announced a very important update to their music identification platform. Songs are now identified much faster, which is an important feature for those moments where you need the name of a song in a jiffy.