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sidewalk labs

  1. Android News

    Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs may create its own "urban district from the internet up"

    CEO of Sidewalk Labs announced that the company is looking to create a competition between different cities to increase awareness and help create a new "internet city".
  2. Android News

    More details are revealed about Sidewalk Labs' free WiFi kiosks

    We're starting to learn more and more about what Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs has in store for their "smart city" project. The company would like to put in free WiFi kiosks throughout the city that not only provides WiFi, but also monitor bike and pedestrian traffic, air quality and even street noise.
  3. Android News

    Google has a master plan to improve public transportation

    Sidewalk Labs and Google called on cities to help test the first implementation of their "futuristic city" idea. That city was Columbus, Ohio. Documents related to the plan were obtained through public records. In the documents, systems for improved parking using Nearby-like APIs to find the...
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    Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs is putting together a proposal to build the first "smart city"

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting about Sidewalk Labs CEO Dan Doctoroff trying to put together a proposal about creating a smart city in the United States. This city is said to house tens of thousands of residents and will focus on technology, efficient infrastructure, and self-driving cars...