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  1. H

    Is there a simple TV type remote control for my tablet?

    I watch a LOT of video on my tablet in bed and elsewhere. It's on a stand and it sits on the bed or the side table. It annoys me having to get my hands out to control the video, especially when it's cold. Is there any such thing as a remote like the one for the chromecast-with-google-TV, so I...
  2. Leon Euler

    BB Calc

    Recommended calculator app Big Button Calculator (BB Calc) Calculator app's are known to all smartphone users! Today, among many apps, we would like to recommend one of the best daily calculators. This is the Big Button Calculator (BB Calc). Many people must have repeatedly installed and...
  3. E

    Online bank Simple finally adds support for Android Pay

    While some people have left the bank because they took so long to add support, the online bank Simple has just announced support for Android Pay. So if you have an account that is backed by their new partner bank, BBVA Compass, then you can now use Android Pay.
  4. Android News

    Simple bank could start supporting Samsung Pay and Android Pay soon

    Tim from Droid Life believes Simple bank will begin to support both Android Pay and Samsung Pay soon. This theory is based on the fact that they're making the switch over to BBVA Compass, and he thinks mobile payment support could be coming right after.