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  1. Android News

    Soundcloud’s redesigned app puts the focus on music discovery

    Soundcloud launched a redesigned app that puts an emphasis on discoverability. It takes a page from Spotify, with a new home screen that has curated recommendations and personalized playlists to help listeners find their new favorite Soundcloud artists and albums.
  2. Android News

    This Xposed Module lets you download music from SoundCloud

    You could pay for SoundCloud Pro to download music from the application, or you could use an Xposed Module. There's a new one called SoundCloud Downloader that will let you download music from SoundCloud directly onto your device.
  3. Android News

    New Google Home features include voice calls, more music services and more

    Amazon recently announced they would be bringing voice calls to their Echo devices, and now Google says they'll be doing the same for Google Home. Not only that, but Google Home is also getting support for Spotify’s free music offering, Soundcloud and Deezer. They even announced Google Home can...
  4. Android News

    SoundCloud announces The Upload as a personalized way to discover new music

    SoundCloud wants to get you interested in some new music that they feel you will enjoy. To that end, the company has announced a new service called The Upload that is similar to Spotify’s Discover weekly, but SoundCloud focuses more on the title’s recency.
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    Soundcloud secures $70 million in a new round of funding

    Soundcloud has announced it has secured a $70 million round of funding from 3 new investors. This will allow the company to invest in new technology, hire more people, and more.
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    SoundCloud Go adds a new $5 subscription tier

    SoundCloud has announced a new mid-tier option for SoundCloud Go. Coming in at $5, this is half the price of the new "SoundCloud Go+"
  7. Android News

    SoundCloud adds a new tier to its subscription service

    SoundCloud has restructured its paid plans to include a 4.99/month option and a 9.99/month option. The new lower-priced plan is the same as the previous offering.
  8. Android News

    You can now see the most popular music on SoundCloud

    The latest update to SoundCloud adds "Charts" which allows users to view the most popular music within the app. The update also now shows playlist and track duration in your stream.
  9. Android News

    Rumor claims Google is interested in buying out SoundCloud

    A rumor claims that Google is thinking about purchasing SoundCloud. The company hasn't managed to make a profit over the past nine years, but it could be a great addition to Google's portfolio, just as long as the price is right. Spotify was interested in buying SoundCloud in late 2016, but the...
  10. Android News

    SeatGeek now lets you know when your favorite band is in town

    SeatGeek is an Android application that lets you buy and sell tickets easily and has just added a new feature that will notify you when your favorite band is coming to town.
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    You can now listen to SoundCloud Go on connected Sonos speakers

    Last month, Sonos announced a partnership with Plex that helped to expand the listening capabilities of their connected speakers and today they have another announcement. Just like Plex has its own app/service from within the Sonos application, you can now add one for SoundCloud's music...
  12. Android News

    Report says SoundCloud is looking to be acquired for $1 billion

    SoundCloud has had its ups and downs when it comes to bringing in enough revenue to keep the service running. A new report from Bloomberg says the company is thinking about a buyout that would value its music streaming service at $1 billion.
  13. Android News

    SoundCloud announces suggested tracks feature

    To compete with the rest of the music streaming services, SoundCloud has announced they are rolling out a new suggested tracks feature for their users. The feature is available both on the web and in their app, and there's no mention about it being only for their subscribers so even free users...
  14. Android News

    Twitter makes a $70 million investment in the music streaming service SoundCloud

    In an investment round that values SoundCloud at $700 million, Twitter now owns a piece of SoundCloud thanks to a $70 million investment. The investment round is said to have brought in up to $100 million in some much needed funding.
  15. Android News

    SoundCloud Go is now available in the UK and Ireland

    SoundCloud's premium music streaming service was launched in the US back in March of this year. The company has now announced that SoundCloud Go is now available in both the United Kingdom as well as Ireland.
  16. Android News

    SoundCloud launches music streaming service in the US

    SoundCloud has launched their music streaming service in the US. The company has a free option that has ad-supported music listening of over 125 million tracks and the ability to listen to radio stations, but the $9.99 version gives you ad-free music and support for offline mode. 125 million...
  17. Android News

    SoundCloud gets radio stations in latest update

    SoundCloud is jumping on the radio bandwagon. You can now listen to stations based on genres or artists, and anything they feel is a good match will be served up in endless fashion.