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square enix

  1. Android News

    Square Enix's latest RPG 'Dissidia Final Fantasy Omnia' is officially available

    Dissidia Final Fantasy Omnia just came out of pre-registration and is officially available on the Play Store. It is a free-to-play gacha RPG that has centered its theme around the Playstation Portable's series of Dissidia Final Fantasy games.
  2. Android News

    World of Final Fantasy sequel is coming to Android

    The sequel to World of Final Fantasy is an exclusive mobile title called World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo is launching in Japan in 2017. It does not have a U.S. release date yet.
  3. Android News

    Final Fantasy XV is coming to mobile later this year

    Square Enix just announced a new mobile game that might actually be worth your time. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will bring content from the full FFXV to mobile devices, and you'll be able to try it for free.
  4. Android News

    Square Enix releases its latest title onto the Play Store

    All of you foodie fans out there may want to take a look at Square Enix's newest game released onto the Play Store today. It is titled Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen, and it delivers an anime themed food assembly puzzle game with a light side serving of town building mechanics.
  5. Android News

    DEAL: Square Enix's Hitman GO, Deus Ex, and Laura Croft GO are 80% off

    If you were planning to check out Square Enix's Hitman GO, Deus Ex, or Laura Croft GO for Android, there's no better time than now. The three games have been discounted by 80% and are selling for $0.99 through the Play Store
  6. Android News

    Ariana Grande to be featured on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    Square Enix is injecting celebrity appeal into Final Fantasy. Ariana Grande has confirmed that she will appear as a character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a mobile turn-based RPG. It's not yet known how players will be able to acquire her character.
  7. Android News

    Square Enix says they're shutting down Justice Monsters Five on March 27th

    Justice Monsters Five is a mobile pinball game that was launched to help build hype for Final Fantasy 15. The developers have officially announced they will be shutting this game down next year on March 27th.
  8. Android News

    Deal: Square Enix games for $.99

    Square Enix is making it extremely cheap to get some of their games on the Google Play Store. Games like Lara Croft GO, Hitman GO, and Deus Ex GO are $.99, as are a smattering of older Tomb Raider and Hitman games.
  9. Android News

    Square Enix sales reach a staggering $1.02 billion in 2016

    Square Enix has reported its full year numbers for 2016 (the company's fiscal year ends in September), revealing $1.02 billion in revenue. While profits took a 25% dip from last year, revenue was up 23% thanks to a 30% increase in mobile revenue which came in at $748.5 million.
  10. Android News

    Machine Zone will be publishing a Final Fantasy XV mobile MMO

    Machine Zone has just announced they have partnered with Square Enix and will published a mobile MMO based on the company's upcoming Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy XV.
  11. Android News

    Final Fantasy Legends 2 announced

    Square Enix has announced the new Final Fantasy mobile game they've been teasing. It's Final Fantasy Legends 2, which is also known as Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 outside of Japan. Details on the the game are scarce right now, though we know it's being directed by Takashi Tokita. The game is...
  12. Android News

    Square Enix teases a new mobile Final Fantasy game

    Final Fantasy fans can look forward to details about a new mobile game soon. Square Enix has launched a teaser page that promises to reveal more information about the game in 5 days.
  13. Android News

    Lara Croft: Guardian of Light now available on Google Play

    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light was released on Android back in 2012 as a Sony Ericsson exclusive, but now four years later it's available on all devices for $3.99 with in-app purchases.
  14. Android News

    Hitman: Absolution launches on NVIDIA SHIELD

    NVIDIA today announced the arrival of Hitman: Absolution for NVIDIA SHIELD. This stealth assassination game originally launched for Xbox 360 and PS3. It features series protagonist Agent 47 in rejuvenated gameplay and stellar graphics.
  15. Android News

    Square Enix is bringing 5 games to NVIDIA's Shield GeForce Now service

    NVIDIA has just announced that 5 Square Enix games will be coming to the company's GeForce Now streaming service. Starting today, customers will be able to play Hitman: Absolution, Thief, Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider Anniversary and Mini Ninjas.
  16. Android News

    Square Enix publishes Justice Monsters Five in the Play Store

    Square is getting ready to launch one of the most ambitious Final Fantasy games ever. The PS4 game has a mini-game inside it called Justice Monsters Five (a pinball game) that is now available in the Play Store as a free download with in-app purchases.
  17. Android News

    Deus Ex Go review says it's an engaging mobile take on a fantastic franchise

    Jordan of Android Police just published his review of the newly released Square Enix game, Deus Ex Go. All in all, Jordan suggests that you buy it if you're a fan of the franchise, or just a fan of puzzle games in general.
  18. Android News

    Square Enix publishes Deus Ex GO in the Play Store for $5

    On Monday, we learned that Deus Ex Go would be launching in the Play Store this week and now you can download it onto your Android device. Similarly to Square's other GO puzzle games, the goal is to take your character to the end of each level (50 in total) without getting caught.
  19. Android News

    Deus Ex GO is coming to Android this week

    Square Enix has announced the release date for Deus Ex GO. The game will launch for Android devices August 18th. GO games are isometric puzzle-style board games based on properties from Square Enix's popular titles. Deus Ex GO is a stealth infiltration take on the concept.
  20. Android News

    Square Enix launches Championship Manager 17 in the Play Store

    If you enjoy managing a soccer team more than playing them, then Square Enix's new game just might be for you. It's called Championship Manager 17 and while it is free to download, it does have in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 - $99.99 per item.
  21. Android News

    Mobius Final Fantasy is now available for Android

    As promised, Square Enix has released Mobius Final Fantasy in western countries. The game is a full-fledged Final Fantasy RPG that features turn-based combat and a jobs system. The game will receive content through regular episodic updates.
  22. Android News

    Square Enix makes fun of Pokemon GO

    Square Enix is poking a bit of fun at Pokemon GO today. Not because they think it's a bad game, but because the name is all too similar to their mobile games, including Lara Croft GO, Hitman GO, and Deus Ex GO.
  23. Android News

    Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius launches for everyone

    Square has unleashed their latest game for Android. It's Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. The game has been available in Japan for a year now, but it's now available for everyone. Brave Exvius uses turn-based RPG gameplay to tell a story about the purity of the world being threatened by the dying...
  24. Android News

    Square Enix releases a port of Romancing SaGa 2 in the Play Store

    Ramancing SaGa is another one of those Square Enix game franchises that never really broke into mainstream success, but still had a strong and dedicated following. The company has just published a port of Romancing SaGa 2 in the Play Store and it even comes with English translations and...
  25. Android News

    Square Enix is bringing Hitman GO to the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift

    Square Enix has announced they will be releasing Hitman GO on both the Gear VR as well as the Oculus Rift tomorrow. The Gear VR version will cost $7.99 and will be close to the same game we see on Android. The Oculus Rift version will cost $9.99 and is said to offer "a 90 FPS game experience...