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steve kondik

  1. Android News

    Cyanogen founder Steve Kondik now working on Oculus at Facebook

    Steve Kondik has updated his Facebook profile to show that he's now working on Oculus at Facebook. He's the former founder of Cyanogen Inc.
  2. admyrick

    Steve Kondik is no longer with Cyanogen

    Earlier in the week there was a blog post stating that Steve Kondik blamed his co-founder for the company's missteps. Now, Cyanogen has published a post stating that the team will be consolidating to Palo Alto and Steve Kondik is no longer with the company.
  3. Android News

    Steve Kondik blames his co-founder for the fall of Cyanogen Inc.

    In a detailed post, Steve Kondik explains that the reasons behind the fall of Cyanogen Inc was due to missteps made by the co-founder.
  4. Android News

    Steve Kondik talks about Cyanogen Inc's future involvement in CyanogenMod

    Back in July, Steve talked about how Cyanogen Inc. would continue to sponsor the CyanogenMod project, and how they would have an active role in CM's development. Interestingly enough though, reading through the comments of a newly merged CM14 commit has Steve saying "there isn't really going to...
  5. Android News

    Steve Kondik, founder of CM, says the open source project of CyanogenMod isn't going anywhere

    With the big layoffs that Cyanogen Inc. just had, some people were curious what was happening with the open source community project, CyanogenMod. Steve Kondik has just come out and said CyanogenMod isn't going anywhere, and that Cyanogen Inc. is still going to sponsor the project to keep it up...