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strategy analytics

  1. Android News

    Samsung topped global smartphone shipments in Q2 2017

    Samsung shipped 22.1% of all smartphones around the world in Q2 2017, maintaining its leading position in the smartphone market. Apple is still second, while Huawei and Oppo are third and fourth.
  2. Android News

    Report says the Oppo R9s outsold Samsung's 2016 Galaxy J3 and J5 in Q1 of this year

    Strategy Analytics just published a report that shows us what data they have on global smartphone shipments by individual models. Apple took the first two spots of this list with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and Oppo claimed third place with the R9s, while Samsung placed 4th and 5th with the 2016...
  3. Android News

    LG shipped 20% of the smartphones in the US in Q1

    According to a Strategy Analytics report, LG enjoyed market share of 20% in the US in Q1. The performance was mostly helped by the sales of the LG V20.
  4. Android News

    Report says Xiaomi is now the most preferred smartphone brand in India

    A new report was just published by Strategy Analytics says Xiaomi has overtaken Samsung to become the most preferred smartphone brand within India. It should be noted those that this data was pulled from a survey of 2,000 people.
  5. Android News

    Report says the tablet market fell 9% in Q4 of last year

    It's no secret that the tablet market has seen better days and a new report says it isn't getting any better. According to a report from Strategy Analytics, they're data shows the market dropped another 9% last quarter and that both Apple and Samsung lost double digit market share as a result.
  6. Android News

    According to Strategy Analytics, Verizon is still the biggest mobile carrier in the United States

    A new report from Strategy Analytics ranks the mobile wireless carriers in the United States based on the number of subscribers they have. Here are the details presented in this report. . . - Verizon = 143.876 million - AT&T = 133.338 million - T-Mobile = 69.354 million - Sprint = 59.199...
  7. Android News

    Indian smartphone market concedes 97% market share to Android

    Android devices have always been popular in India, but a new report from Strategy Analytics shows that Google's mobile operating system now accounts for 97% of the market.
  8. E

    Smartwatches reportedly outsold Swiss watches for the first time in Q4 2015

    A report has just been published from Strategy Analytics that details the number of smartwatches shipped in Q4 2015 compared to the number of Swiss watches. Switzerland is known for their amazing watches but it seems like smartwatches might be getting more popular. Strategy Analytics says that...