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street view

  1. Android News

    Google adds Disney parks to Street View

    From today, you'll be able to use Google Maps Street View to explore inside 11 Disney Parks, getting an on-the-ground glimpse of all its castles, rides and attractions, including the captivating Avatar-themed world of Pandora.
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    How Google improves its Street View panoramas

    Google has released a new blog detailing how it uses an algorithm to improve the seams in images it uses for Street View inside Google Maps.
  3. Android News

    Google Maps Street View cameras get updated

    Google has refreshed the design for the cameras used to capture Street View images, which is its first significant upgrade in eight years.
  4. Android News

    Google is working with hardware partners on "Street View ready" standards for 360-degree cameras

    There are a number of 360-degree cameras out on the market right now, but many are using their own proprietary technology. This means the photos can be difficult to use on certain platforms, but Google is working with hardware partners to create Street View mobile ready devices.
  5. Android News

    Google brings their deep learning technology to Google Maps and Street View

    Google is now using their neural networks to train their Google Maps platform to read street names that it captures from their Street View cars. This technology is still in the early stages, but Google says it's been over 85% accuracy when reading French street names.
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    Google suggests some spooky places to visit via Street View

    To celebrate Halloween, Google has published an article that talks about a few spooky places from around the world that you can visit right in your very own home thanks to Street View. The suggestions include places like the Amsterdam Dungeons in the Netherlands, the Winchester Mystery House in...
  7. Android News

    Google updates Street View to version 2.0, groups 360 photos, blurs faces and more

    Google has just pushed out a big update to their Street View application that brings it up to version 2.0 and focuses on 360-degree photos. The changes added in this update include. . . - Unpublished 360 photos will now group together based on place or time. - Automatically detect faces for...
  8. Android News

    Google updates Street View to tweak the UI, add Satellite Mode and more

    Google is rolling out a new update to the company's Street View application to the Play Store. The new changes included in this update are. . . - Satellite Mode - Available for hire toggle for Trusted Photographers - Tweaks to the UI
  9. Android News

    Indian Government rejects Google Street View plan for the country

    The Indian government has rejected Google's presented plan to deploy its Google Maps Street View cars in the country. The government of India believes that Street View would compromise India's national security interests as high-resolution of sensitive locations would be easily accessible to...
  10. Android News

    Latest Google Maps beta update introduces a new UX for Street View

    Someone on Reddit joined the Google Maps beta program and received an update that changed the way Street View functions. The person says when entering Street View in the beta, the app told them they could scroll along the blue line to move. They tested the scroll feature and said it works...
  11. Android News

    Google Street View update allows you to add Photo Spheres to collections

    Google has updated their Street View app. The biggest change is the ability to link Photo Spheres by grouping them up into a collection. It's like a gallery, but for Photo Spheres. Google also added support for those still on KitKat devices, and the ability to use the app in landscape mode.
  12. Android News

    Google Maps Street View adds over 150 historic locations and points of interests from Thailand

    Interested in Thailand? Google is making it easier to get a close look at the region from the comfort of your own PC, tablet or phone. They've added over 150 historic locations or points of interest to Google Maps for you to check out in Street View.
  13. Android News

    You can explore Bruce Wayne's house and the Batcave on Google Maps

    Excited for Batman vs Superman? So is Google, and they've teamed up with the movie makers to give an extensive look inside the house and Batcave featured in the film debuting this weekend. The company is using their Street View to let you view the cave from any angle you want.
  14. Android News

    Google Maps gets a Legend of Zelda easter egg

    Google has put a nice easter egg into Google Maps to celebrate the release of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD on Wii U. The icon that takes you into Street View is replaced by a figurine of Link, the main character in the Zelda series.
  15. Android News

    Google Street View Trekker spotted at Disney World Resorts in Florida

    If you're a fan of Disney's parks, you may soon be able to enjoy them directly from your computer through Google Street View. The Street View Trekker has been spotted at Disney World and Epcot parks recently. There's no indication as to when the virtual tours will appear online, but we can't...