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  1. Android News

    Study shows which popular messaging applications use more data

    Some people have gone in and tested some of the most popular messaging applications to see which ones use more of your mobile data. Telegram, WhatsApp and Hangouts perform the best, while applications like Skype and Facebook Messenger use a lot of data.
  2. Android News

    Google is asking people to participate in an upcoming Google usability study

    Google is hosting a study that will take place between May 8th and the 12th in both Mountain View and San Francisco. The goal is to provide feedback on a Google product that is currently in development. They've giving a $125 gift card to those who participate in the 90-minute study.
  3. Android News

    Study shows close to half of all smartphone owners only talk and text

    GSMA is known for helping the adoption of RCS, but they also fund studies to find out how engaged smartphone owners are these days. A new study showed that 47% of smartphone owners worldwide don't use any of the 'smart' features and only use it for phone calls and text messages.