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  1. Android News

    Android developer is back on the stand, explains questions about “scrubbed” source code

    Saturday, there was a report about Dan Borstein's first day of questioning during the Google vs Oracle trial. He was scheduled to come back on Monday and he recently finished his time on the stand. Oracle's questions to Borstein pertained to what they were calling "scrubbed" source code of...
  2. Android News

    Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz says Java was free and Android had no licensing issues

    Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz is now on the stand today at the Google/Oracle trial and he's saying there wasn't any problems with Google using Java for Android.
  3. Android News

    Eric Schmidt said Sun didn't think Google was doing anything wrong for using their APIs in Android

    Google and Oracle are in court today and Google's own Eric Schmidt was asked to take the stand. He told the court that Google used the parts of Java that they felt didn't need to be licensed since it was open source. He went on to explained that at no point did anyone from Sun think Google was...