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super bowl 50

  1. Android News

    Tim Cook's iPhone took a terrible photo at the Super Bowl, and fans drill him for it

    Tim Cook was attending the Super Bowl at the brand new stadium in his backyard of Santa Clara yesterday, and used his high status to get on the field during the post-game celebration for the Denver Broncos. What better way to capture the moment than with a photo? That's what he did on what we...
  2. admyrick

    Check out these tech commercials to be aired during Super Bowl 50

    If you love commercials during the Super Bowl, but don't want to wait until tonight, here are some of the tech commercials that will be shown to the world. We'll see a few common faces, but will also see a couple newcomers in these awesome Super Bowl 50 commercials.
  3. Rob

    Complete list of Superbowl 50 ads and the stories behind them

    You'll see a bunch of tech companies promoting their latest goods in tonight's Super Bowl ads including: Amazon, Fitbit, Intuit, LG, PayPal, Pokemon, Squarespace, T-Mobile, and Wix.com. Take a look at the entire list of commercials you'll see, with background info on each.
  4. admyrick

    How to watch Super Bowl 50 on your Android devices

    Who's ready for Super Bowl Sunday? Are you itching to watch the best game of the season, but don't know how to get it on your various devices? No worries, follow the steps here, and you'll be on your way to the promised land.
  5. Android News

    Did you know you can watch Super Bowl 50 directly on Android?

    There are multiple ways one can watch Super Bowl 50 directly from their Android device. From just a simple browser to dedicated applications like DirecTV, NFL GamePass, and more. Plan out how you want to watch the event before it's too late.
  6. Android News

    YouTube kicks off its Super Bowl Adblitz campaign

    YouTube has already kicked off its Super Bowl 50 Adblitz campaign and the company is encouraging advertisers to tease their commercials early. So you can head to their Adblitz website and watch a few teasers before the game and then they want you to come back during and after the game to catch...