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swiftkey beta

  1. Android News

    SwiftKey's new Photo Themes lets you create your own keyboard theme

    The latest update to SwiftKey Beta allows you to create your own keyboard themes, including the background image and key borders.
  2. Android News

    SwiftKey Beta update brings GIF search support and seven new languages

    The SwiftKey beta has bee updated to allow you to search for specific GIFs. In addition to GIF search, it also adds support for seven new languages as well as a few other small improvements.
  3. Android News

    The latest update to Swiftkey Beta lets you disable key pop-up, adds incognito mode and more

    The developers behind SwiftKey Beta have just pushed out a new update to the app that includes the following changes. . . New - Incognito Mode - Shortcuts / Text expansion - Switch to Latin layout when in password/email field - All arrow keys can be accessed on main layout on tablets - The...
  4. Android News

    SwiftKey Beta updated to allow you to type in 5 languages at once

    The newest SwiftKey Beta is now live and its neural network system is no longer limited to English. The keyboard now supports French, German, and Spanish alongside English and gives you the option to have up to five languages turned on at once.
  5. Android News

    Latest SwiftKey Beta update brings back predictions and adds Android Nougat emojis

    Last month, SwiftKey was dealing with some issues that plagued its prediction software. Users found SwiftKey entering phone numbers and emails for contacts that weren't even registered on their device due to a corrupt prediction system. The latest update to SwiftKey Beta seems to have fixed...
  6. Android News

    Beta version of SwiftKey is updated and gives you access to your clipboard history

    SwiftKey has just announced a new update to their beta keyboard application that gives you access to your clipboard history. This new feature will be accessible via the Hub, which is a quick access to the app's settings that was introduced a while back.