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sync for reddit

  1. Android News

    Sync for Reddit 14 brings fingerprint support

    Sync for Reddit has reached version 14. This update implements fingerprint support to secure your profile, as well as adds an improved theme editor, new customization options, and more.
  2. Android News

    Sync for Reddit major update now live on Google Play

    Reddit app Sync has gotten a hefty update that brings several new features to the reddit client, including better support for multi-reddits and tons of bugfixes and quality of life improvements.
  3. Android News

    Sync For Reddit gets updated to version 12.4, includes app shortcuts, album peeking and more

    The devs behind Sync for Reddit have pushed out a new version that is currently rolling out via the Play Store. This update comes with the following changes. . . - App shortcuts - Unread message counter - Comment position remembered - Album peeking - Reddit domain links - Post banners
  4. Android News

    Sync for Reddit gets updated to v12.3, integrates a new video player, fixes lots of bugs and more

    The developer behind Sync for Reddit just pushed another big update to the Play Store that brings the app up to version 12.3. The changelog is huge and includes such things as a new video player, improved GIF support, muted videos by default and much much more.
  5. Android News

    Sync For Reddit gets updated to v12.2, updates backend stuff and fixes a lot of bugs

    The developer behind Sync for Reddit just announced an update to their application. Most of the changes of this update include backend stuff (upgrading Gradle, upgrading Android support library, etc), but it does fix a lot of bugs (like the app losing your personalized settings).
  6. Android News

    Sync for Reddit 12.1 brings improved messaging, theme support, and finer account control

    A new update for Sync for Reddit brings the app to version 12.1. The app brings the ability to set settings on a per-account basis, multi-reddit support, threaded messaging, and an improved interface for theme customization (including a color picker).
  7. Android News

    Version v11.6.5 of Sync for Reddit might be injecting Amazon affiliate tags into links

    Someone from the Sync for Reddit subreddit asked a question about whether or not the developers were injecting Amazon Amazon affiliate tags into the retailers links The community is responding though, and it doesn't seem to be happening to everyone. The original poster does say that it might be...
  8. Android News

    Sync for Reddit update brings fixes for login issues, doze mode and more

    Sync for Reddit's latest maintenance update fixes and improves a couple of important things. For one, an issue that would cause logins to fail has been fixed. There is also a tweak to the way app handles notifications during Doze mode.