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tag heuer connected

  1. Android News

    3 new watches get Android Wear 2.0

    Google has announced that three more watches are getting Android Wear 2.0, including the TAG Heuer Connected, Fossil Q Founder, and Casio's Smart Outdoor Watch. The updates rollout from today and should hit everyone by April 4th.
  2. Android News

    TAG Heuer's new smartwatch is modular and priced at $1,650

    TAG Heuer has officially unveiled the Connected Modular 45, which features the Intel Atom Z34XX processor, 4GB of storage, NFC, and Android Wear 2.0. The watch is also priced at $1,650.
  3. Android News

    The TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is now available in Rose Gold for a cool $9,900

    The TAG Heuer Connected has been available since last year, but now there is a Rose Gold and is priced at a ridiculous price of $9,900. The Android Wear smartwatch features 1GB of RAM, a 410mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.1, and an Intel dual-core processor.
  4. Android News

    TAG Heuer CEO says a "real collection" of smartwatches are coming next year

    The TAG Heuer Connected won't be the last smartwatch the company releases. The CEO says we should expect a "real collection" to be released sometime next year but didn't give any additional details of their plans.
  5. Android News

    You can order the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch online again

    TAG Heuer previously said they had to stop selling the device online so that they could meet the demand of their current orders, as well as put the device in stores around the world. It seems the company has caught up with the demand(at least for now) as the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch can...
  6. Android News

    Engadget reviews the Tag Heuer Connected: $1,500 for a smartwatch?

    Is the Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear smartwatch worth the $1,500 pricetag? Engadget concludes, "Its build quality is fantastic, and it's comfortable in addition to being stylish. It's just that nothing about the experience feels worth that kind of money."
  7. Android News

    Hands On with the TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

    Phil of Android Central was able to get his hands on the 1,500 dollar TAG Heuer Android Wear smartwatch at CES this year. He felt it was good for the size, but that it wasn't something he could recommend to most people since everyone doesn't have that type of money they can throw around and...
  8. Android News

    TAG Heuer Connected Review Roundup

    Kellex from Droid Life just published his review of the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch and he really enjoyed the device overall. The big gripe he had was the price because anything you can do with this $1,500 device you could do with a $300 one. Droid Life ____________________