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telltale games

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    Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within now available on Android

    Telltale Games have finally released Batman: The Enemy Within on Android.
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    DEAL: Save big on an array of titles from Telltale Games

    The developer behind the mobile franchises like Batman and Game of Thrones, as well as the popular Minecraft: Story Mode, has just announced a huge sale to help with those back-to-school blues.
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    Telltale Games unveils new seasons for Batman, Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us

    At San Diego Comic-Con, Telltale Games announced that Batman's second season is on the way, and also quelled fears that The Wolf Among Us wouldn't get a second season as that has been announced for a 2018 launch. Finally, The Walking Dead will get its final season next year.
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    Minecraft Story Mode - Season Two arrives on the Play Store for $4.49

    Developed by highly regarded studio Telltale Games, in conjunction with Mojang, Minecraft Story Mode - Season Two brings you more of the same point and click adventure action that made the first title so successful. Protagonist Jesse returns for this all-new 5 part story arc and will be joined...
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    Telltale Games says they have plans to make their own original game

    Telltale Games has built their success off of IP that is owned by another company. Many have been wondering if they will be creating their own original game soon. The company confirms this is planned, but that it might not happen for a while.
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    The first episode of Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy game is in the Play Store

    Telltale's latest episodic game, Guardians of the Galaxy, is now available in the Play Store for $5. The company staggers these episodes out though, and has plans to release the other episodes in the near future.
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    The first episode of Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy will launch on April 18th

    We knew that TellTale's Guardians of the Galaxy would be launching in the spring, but we didn't know the exact date. Today, the company announced the first episode of the series will be released on the 18th of April.
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    The Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale game is scheduled for release this spring

    We first heard about Telltale Games making a Guardians of the Galaxy game back in November, and it seems like the company is making some good progress on it so far. They have just released some screenshots and says the first episode should be available sometime this spring.
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    Telltale Games publishes The Walking Dead: Season 3 in the Play Store, $5 for episode 1

    Telltale games released the third season of their The Walking Dead game on PC earlier this week, and now it is available on Android. You can buy the first episode for $5, but then have to pay another $5 for each episode after that (when they become available).
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    The Walking Dead: A New Frontier gets a launch trailer

    Telltale Games released a launch trailer for their 3rd season of The Walking Dead games, which are subtitled A New Frontier. The trailer shows us that we will be seeing Clementine, a long-time series character, again, as well as the first appearance of the character Jesus.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy by Telltale Games will arrive on mobile devices in 2017

    Telltale has partnered with Marvel to release the new Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale series. The new game will come with 5 episodes and will be released in 2017.
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    Telltale Games confirms season 3 of The Walking Dead starts December 20th

    Many have been wondering exactly when the next season of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games would be available, and now we have an official date. The company says the first episode will be released for Android on Tuesday, December 20th.
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    Telltale could be doing a game based on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy IP

    A leaked document revealed that Telltale wants to work with Marvel to create a game based on the company's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Nothing has been made official yet though, so it could end up falling through.
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    The first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series is now free in the Play Store

    Batman: The Telltale Series is finally available for Android. The first episode can be tried for free right now, and new episodes will be made available via an in-app purchase when they are ready.
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    Get the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode for free

    Telltale Games has made the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode available for free on the Google Play Store. There are currently eight episodes planned and you can get the whole bundle for $25, or purchase them individually for $4.99.
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    Telltale Games releases the first Mr. Robot game into the Play Store

    Last month we saw Mr. Robot get a 12-minute VR episode for the TV show and now it's getting its own mobile game. The game has been published by Telltale Games and is currently in the Play Store right now for only $3.
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    The first trailer for the upcoming Batman game from Telltale is now available

    It was back in the first half of June when we got our first screenshots of Telltale's upcoming Batman game, and now the company has released the first trailer for it.
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    Telltale reveals Batman screenshots and release window

    The launch of the first episode of season 1 for Batman is scheduled for the summer of 2016, with 4 other episodes coming later. You can buy them separately or buy a season pass, of course. It will be launched for PC, Mac, mobile devices and gaming consoles.
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    Deal: Telltales' Game of Thrones episodes for $1.99 each, or the entire pack for $4.99

    Telltale Games is celebrating Game of Thrones Season 6 with a huge new sale. Their Game of Thrones episodes are now $1.99 each, down from its usual $5. Furthermore, the full season pass is just $4.99, down from $25. You're saving more money on the season pass as a whole, but this is a nice way...
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    Telltale Games says the last 2 episodes of Walking Dead: Michonne will be available on April 26th

    Telltale Games released the first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne back in February of this year. These games usually take longer for all the episodes to be released but since this is a mini-series instead of a full game, you'll be able to get the last 2 episodes next week on the 26th.
  21. Android News

    Episode 1 of TellTale's The Walking Dead: Michonne is now available in the Play Store

    Telltale announced The Walking Dead: Michonne a while ago and they even teased a preview of the game less than 2 weeks ago. Episode 1 of the game is finally available to play and you can pick it up in the Google Play Store right now for $4.99
  22. Android News

    Check out the preview for 'The Walking Dead: Michonne' from Telltale Games

    Telltale games has released a six-minute long video in anticipation of the latest version of The Walking Dead game. You will be able to get the newest iteration of The Walking Dead: Michonne on February 23rd for PC, Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game will hit Android and iOS on...
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    The Fourth Episode of Telltale Games' Minecraft: Story Mode is Now Available

    Not only is the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode on sale for only $0.10 right now, but Telltale Games has just released an update that adds the fourth episode to it. However, to access additional episodes you'll need to pay $5 for each one in an in-app purchase.
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    TellTale Games Announces Episodic Batman Game for PC, Mac and Mobile

    TellTale Games is known for their point and click adventure games and now they've added yet another high profile franchise to their roster. Sometime in 2016, the company will release the first chapter of a Batman game.
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    Telltale Games' Final Episode of the Game of Thrones Series Schedules for November 17

    It's taken a bit longer than expected, but developer Telltale Games will finally release the sixth and final episode of its "season" of adventure games based on HBO's Game of Thrones TV show on Tuesday, November 17. The season finale episode will be called "The Ice Dragon" and you can check out...