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  1. samaspotion

    [APP][THEME] "Stranger Icons" icon pack, inspired by Stranger Things

    Hi there! My icon pack "Stranger Icons" is now available on Google Play: a set of glowing red and black icons for your apps and games inspired by Stranger Things! Stranger Icons icon pack comes with 2900+ HD icons and new ones are added with every update. :thumbsupdroid: Download on Google...
  2. Kelvin Water Treatment

    How about suggesting any dark theme for android?

    Hey! need suggestion for dark theme for android. Other themes are good but badass.
  3. F

    inflator errors using ?attr/colors in styles

    I've been working on an app for awhile and finally decided to add support for different themes. I've read a LOT of articles and seen a lot of examples. What I've ended up doing is creating a list of colors for every theme, created definitions to them in my attrs.xml and added them as custom...
  4. Android News

    Latest version of TWRP recovery released and supports easy installation of custom themes

    The developers behind the popular recovery software TWRP have released version 3.0.1-0 which brings a few features and bug fixes to the software. In addition to supporting the new CM 13.0 pattern encryption, users can now easily install custom themes through the regular flashing process. TWRP...
  5. Android News

    Android Central's List of Best Android Launchers for Theming Customizations

    Android Central put together a list of launchers they feel are the best when it comes to theming our Android smartphones. Their list includes. . . - Nova Launcher - Action Launcher - Hola Launcher - Apex Launcher - Buzz Launcher
  6. Android News

    Samsung Releases 11 Exclusive Themes for the 2016 Galaxy A Series

    Samsung's Theme Store was launched with the Galaxy S6 and now they are bringing this feature to some of their non-flagship smartphones. The 2016 Galaxy A3 and A5 devices are all getting 11 exclusive themes ranging from colorful to minimalistic.
  7. Android News

    Samsung briningg paid themes to nine countries tomorrow

    Samsung will allow 3rd-party theme makers to charge for their themes.