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time warner

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    AT&T files public response to DoJ lawsuit to save Time Warner merger

    AT&T has responded to the Department of Justice lawsuit to block a proposed merger between them and Time Warner. AT&T denies the DOJ's allegations that a combined AT&T and Time Warner would raise prices on consumers, attempt to impede competition from online video distributors, and raise prices...
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    DOJ files anti-trust lawsuit over AT&T and Time Warner merger

    The US Justice Department has filed an antitrust lawsuit against AT&T to block the massive communications company from purchasing Time Warner, one of the world's biggest entertainment conglomerates.
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    AT&T may have to sell some assets to appease DOJ for Time Warner deal

    Reports suggest the United States Department of Justice is considering filing an anti-trust suit against AT&T in its Time Warner deal. The DOJ wants either Time Warner to sell Turner Broadcasting or AT&T to sell DirecTV.
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    AT&T will split units after it merges with Time Warner Cable

    As AT&T continues to push for approval of its $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner, the company's leadership has released details of how the new mega-corporation would be structured. The plan calls for the new AT&T to split into independent arms, one handling media and the other doing telecom.
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    Time Warner partners with Snapchat and will make short original shows for the social network

    Snapchat has been trying to push their video platform for a while now and they've done so by partnering with different content makers. Today, it has been revealed that Time Warner has just jumped on board and will create some short original shows for the social network application.
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    Boomerang will be a new Looney Tunes and classic cartoons streaming service

    If Looney Tunes and classic cartoons are your cup of tea, then this announcement is for you. Time Warner has announced they're bringing their Boomerang television show to the internet as its own streaming platform. It will be priced at $4.99 per month or $39.99 annually and offer shows such as...
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    AT&T reportedly in talks with Time Warner for a takeover

    According to a new report from Bloomberg, AT&T and Time Warner executives have been meeting to discuss a possible merger. This merger is still in the early stages and nothing has been confirmed, but Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes is being portrayed as a willing seller.