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  1. Android News

    Samsung TouchWiz Home update fixes lag on the Galaxy S8

    Samsung's TouchWiz is known to be a bit laggy on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus when scrolling through your homescreen. Thankfully Samsung has been working to fix this issue, as a TouchWiz Home update has been issued specifically to address this.
  2. Android News

    TouchWiz has been renamed to Samsung Experience

    In the latest beta build of Android 7.0 Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, TouchWiz has been renamed to the Samsung Experience. The TouchWiz branding was last officially used with the Galaxy S2.
  3. Android News

    Video walk-through shows that TouchWiz could look like on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    Samsung released a new version of TouchWiz to a beta testing group a while back, but we haven't really gotten a good look at what the new build has to offer... until now. HD Blog has put together a comprehensive walkthrough of the new built. There are quite a few changes to the UI with flatter...
  4. Android News

    Video details updated TouchWiz UX for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    A new video showing off an updated version of TouchWiz has been posted. The new experience brings a cleaner overall look, redesigned settings menus, and an improved notification area. The update is expected to debut on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  5. Android News

    Samsung's Galaxy Beta Program shows a redesigned version of TouchWiz with no app drawer

    If you are participating in Samsung's Galaxy Beta Program, and you live in either China or South Korea, then you might get invited to test out their TouchWiz redesign. Other than changing the way most of TouchWiz looks (settings, quick settings panel, etc.), Samsung has also removed the app...
  6. Android News

    Samsung might rebuild their TouchWiz Launcher to use the Vulkan API

    Vulkan is going to be huge for performance gains in Android games, but it's also going to help conserve battery life as well. At SDC 2016, Samsung talked about how they are experimenting with a special version of TouchWiz's launcher (that uses the Vulkan API) and how it has increased battery...
  7. Android News

    Samsung talks about 2 new features in their upcoming Marshmallow update, Secret Mode and Cross App

    Samsung recently announced their official Android 6.0 Marshmallow update and today they've gone into some detail about a couple new features. Firstly, we learn about a new Secret Mode that will appear in the company's stock web browser. Then we learn about a new feature they're calling Cross...
  8. E

    Samsung updates Edge features with Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Samsung officially announced Android 6.0 for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge today. Along with this update, we're learning that Samsung has updated the Edge features that come with the Galaxy S6 Edge. The update will let the user increase the size of the edge screen. They've updated the UI...
  9. Android News

    Samsung's Android Marshmallow customer service presentation leaks

    A leaked PowerPoint presentation intended for Samsung customer survive reps has surfaced, revealing all the changes that Samsung has made to TouchWiz in its Android Marshmallow builds for its phones. There aren't any major UI changes to note, but there are plenty of subtle tweaks which should...
  10. Android News

    Rumor Suggests that Samsung is Working to Improve the UX of TouchWiz for the S7

    A rumor out of China says that Samsung wants to make TouchWiz “a non-delayed operating experience” and they are aiming to make it more fluent than iOS. The rumor even talks about the S7 regaining the microSD card slot like previous rumors have said.
  11. Android News

    Google could help Samsung optimize TouchWiz for the Samsung Galaxy S7

    Samsung's 2015 phones are notorious for their aggressive memory management which sometimes caused a range of performance issues. While we never heard from Samsung about further optimization to improve this, a rumor suggests they'll get proper help in doing so in 2016. According to SamsungViet...