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    Toyota uses Chrome digital signage to power thousands of European showrooms

    Toyota Motor Europe has created a more engaging customer experience by using Chrome digital signage directly into showrooms across Europe. They first experimented with digital signage back in 2014, but found out it was expensive using the method they chose. In late 2015, they replaced their...
  2. Android News

    Toyota close to closing deal with Google to buy Boston Dynamics

    It's no secret that Google wants to sell Boston Dynamics, but the latest bit of news suggests that Toyota and Google may be close to finalizing a deal. No details have been shared regarding the price, but Toyota seems eager to add the Boston Dynamics team to its Toyota Research Institute...
  3. Android News

    Toyota announces an investment into Uber, along with long-term partnership plans

    Toyota has just announced a "strategic investment" into the popular ridesharing service, Uber. We don't get details on exactly how much the investment was, but we did learn that the two companies have also agreed on a long-term partnership. Firstly, Toyota will have a new leasing program where...
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    Toyota researchers find a way to make lithium ion batteries operate at a wider range of temperatures

    While this new battery research isn't going to allow them to last longer than they do today, it does mean that batteries in the future could fail less often. By removing the liquid electrolyte component of lithium ion batteries, Toyota researchers were able to make these batteries function...