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    TSA requires separate screening of devices larger than a phone

    TSA has announced it will require any devices larger than a cell phone to be screened separately when traveling through domestic airports in the US. That includes laptops, eReaders, game consoles, and tablets.
  2. Android News

    TSA begins testing fingerprint check-ins at two US airports

    The TSA is testing new fingerprint check-ins at two airports in the United States, including Denver and Atlanta.
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    TSA may ask you to unpack tablets and cluttered carry-on bags

    A new report from The Wall Street Journal says TSA is conducting a series of new tests with having passengers remove cluttered carry-ons and putting tablets and other devices in separate bins.
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    Samsung is dispatching reps to US airports to help Note 7 owners exchange or return their phones

    Samsung is sending company representatives to major US airports to help Note 7 customers return or exchange their devices. Those who don't want a different Samsung device will be given a full refund. The FAA has banned the Note 7 from all flights and it is now considered a "hazardous material"...