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  1. Android News

    Qualcomm reportedly drops Samsung to work with TSMC at 7nm

    A new report from Korea suggests that Qualcomm has dropped Samsung in favor of TSMC as its partner to create its 7nm processor. Apple has also made the switch to TSMC for the A11 chip in the next iPhone.
  2. Android News

    TSMC will be waiting until next year to decide if they want to build a plant in the United States

    In order to create more jobs in the United States, TSMC said they would not rule out the possibility of building a chip factory in the country. However, the CEO says they have yet to make a decision and will wait until next year before they announce anything.
  3. Android News

    MediaTek and TSMC are working on 7nm chipsets

    MediaTek and TSMC are said to be working on a 7nm process for manufacturing chipsets. This would lead to greater power efficiency and a lower overall footprint.
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    TSMC on track to deliver 10nm chips on time, refuting recent report

    Recent reports of trouble at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company suggested that 10nm yields weren't as high as the company hoped. However, senior director of corporate communications Elizabeth Sun says the company is still on track, though 10nm chips will only account for less than 1% of...
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    7nm processors are underway at TSMC

    TSMC has announced it is ready to start producing chipsets on the 7nm process. This new process will result in better performance and energy efficiency, while leaving more room for bigger batteries and other components.
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    Intel says they'll allow ARM chipmakers to use its 10nm manufacturing process

    When it comes to manufacturing SoCs in the smartphone industry, the big companies are Samsung and TSMC. However, Intel has just announced that they will use their 10nm manufacturing process to build ARM chips for companies who want to hire them.
  7. Android News

    ARM partners with TSMC to make a 64-bit ARM v8-A processor test chip using their 10nm FinFET tech

    ARM has announced they will be using TSMC's 10nm FinFET technology in order to create a 64-bit ARM v8-A processor test chip. the codename for this chip is Artemis, and it will have 4 cores instead of 8 core big.LITTLE architecture that they've been doing lately. This is only a test chip to see...
  8. Android News

    Samsung is advancing their chip-making technology

    Samsung is said to be heavily investing in their chip-making business to try and keep up with the top manufacturer TSMC. The move includes the purchase of the latest extreme ultraviolet equipment for mass production of its 7-nanometer process.
  9. Android News

    TSMC is Expecting a Decline in Sales for the Second Quarter in a Row

    TSMC fabricates chips for companies like Apple and Qualcomm who design the chip themselves and then outsource the production side of things. It has been announced that Qualcomm will be using Samsung to mass produce the Snapdragon 820 and today we learn that TSMC is expecting their second...