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    Turing officially cancels the Appassionato

    Turing Robotic Industries has officially cancelled the Turing Appassionato, which was a device announced last year. According to Turing's CEO, the cancellation was due to the fact that it "didn't align with mainstream trends."
  2. Android News

    Turing Robotics files for bankruptcy in Finland

    Turing Robotics, the company that's supposed to be bringing the ultra-secure Turing Phone, has filed for bankruptcy and ceased manufacturing operations for the time being. The Finland-based company has missed deadline after deadline and things are no longer looking good for them.
  3. Android News

    Turing Appassionato Review

    Android Authority has gotten their hands on the Turing Appassionato, from Turing Robotics Industries.
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    Turing is partnering with a company that actually sells phones

    Turing has announced a partnership with TCL to manufacture the next Turing Phone, the Android-powered Appassionato. Turing's first phone never got off the ground despite thousands of early reservations.
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    Turing announces the Monolith Chaconne, yet another phone with off the wall specs

    Turing has had difficulty getting their first smartphone out the door and the company just seems to continue promising the sky. Last week they announced the Cadenza with 2 Snapdragon 820 SoCs and now they have just announced the Monolith Chaconne with 3 Snapdragon 820 SoCs, iMAX 6K rear camera...
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    Turing just announced the Turing Phone Cadenza, with some off the wall specs

    So, the Turing Phone was put up for pre-order in September of last year and the company has only been able to ship a few unfinished (aka prototype) units to customers. That isn't stopping them from thinking big though. They have just announced the Turing Phone Cadenza that is said to ship next...
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    Pre-orders for the Turing Phone are said to start shipping on July 12th, with a catch

    Turing started taking reservations for their smartphone back in August of last year and said they would begin shipping in December of 2015 as well. After many, many delays, the company has sent out an email to all backers saying they are going to start shipping out pre-orders on July 12th...
  8. Android News

    The Turing Phone still hasn't shipped

    The Turing Phone received a lot of hype when it was revealed thanks to its staunch security. However, those who backed and pre-ordered the device still haven't seen shipments. The company previously suggested they were moving their operations to Finland to get production started, and while...
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    Turing drops Android in favor of SailFish OS

    Turing has announced that they're dropping Android in favor of Jolla's SailFish OS. SailFish OS is a Meego-based platform that also includes a compatibility layer to run Android apps, but that may not be enough to appease backers of the device as this means Google Play Services are no longer...